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Available Rottweiler Rescues

Please consider Rottweiler rescues if you’re thinking about adding a Rottie to your family! There are so many of these wonderful dogs just waiting to find their new ‘forever’ homes. Most of the time Rottweilers […]

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Rottweiler Breeders.. Add Your Kennel Here

Welcome Rottweiler breeders, add your kennel listing here and reach thousands of current, and prospective, Rottweiler owners every month! This directory is an area of the site which will be growing over the next several […]

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Rottweiler Breeders Directory – India

If you’re looking for a Rottweiler puppy for sale in India, or just want to learn more about the breeding programs and great dogs this country has to offer, then you’re in the right place! […]

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All About Rottweiler Dogs

Everyone knows how Rottweiler dogs look and act, right? WRONG! Although most of us have an idea of what the Rottweiler breed looks like, many people have the wrong idea about their character, and no […]

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Rottweiler Breeders Directory

Featuring dogs from the USA, Canada, Europe and around the world! Hi there, welcome to my directory of Rottweiler breeders/kennels! Scroll down to view the profiles of Rottweiler Breeders and Rottweiler Kennels, both at home […]

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Rottweiler Breeders Directory – Part II

Adding a new puppy or dog to your family is a big commitment and it’s very important to do plenty of research (learn about the breed and check out individual breeders etc.) before you make […]

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Rottweiler Breeders Directory – Canada

Welcome to my directory of Canadian Rottweiler breeders/kennels!  If you’re looking for a Rottweiler puppy for sale in Canada, the following Canadian Rottweiler breeders and kennels offer you superior quality and years of experience. But […]

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The True Rottweiler Temperament

When it comes to Rottweiler temperament, there’s often a fair bit of confusion and some conflicting ideas. Much of the behavior, and many of the characteristics, often attributed to Rottweilers are based on inaccurate information, […]

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Rottweiler Rescue & Adoption Guide

Rottweiler rescue gives you a great opportunity to add one of these amazing dogs to your life AND give him/her a much-needed second chance at happiness. There are many, many Rottweilers of all ages waiting […]