Long Haired Rottweilers – Purebreds with a Difference

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What is a long haired Rottweiler? Unless it’s been crossbred, a pure-bred Rottweiler can have long hair. They may not look like it because their long fur is entirely different from the ‘norm’ but they come from two pure-pred parents. While the look is rare, having long hair doesn’t have any health implications, however, most officiating bodies won’t recognize them as they deviate from the breed standard.

What else should you know about the long haired rottweiler before you decide if they are right for you?

Where do Long Haired Rottweilers Come From?

These dogs are actually from the same breeds and same litters as standard rottweilers. In fact, they can be found in any litter, though it’s unlikely that you’ll find them often. That’s because they’re actually a relatively rare version of the rottweiler.

Similar to rottweilers with rough hair, these dogs pop up randomly, but they’re definitely something to be admired. They look beautiful and their unique fur is definitely something that will get you (and others) to take a little closer look.

There’s no way to actually breed for this type of fur, as the dogs don’t seem to appear very frequently. Because they’re pure blood rottweilers there’s no combination or cross breed that seems to produce them at higher or more frequent rates.

Rather, they seem to show up when they want to. So, if you’re actually looking for a long haired rottweiler you could be looking for quite a while before you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for within any litter, even if you’re working with several different breeders.

The Important Stuff on Long Haired Rottweilers

Now, one of the most important things to know about this breed of dog is that they are actually perfectly healthy. In fact, they seem to be even healthier than their counterparts, and have very few, if any health problems.

Even the health problems that are common among other rottweilers don’t seem to affect them, which is definitely a benefit for those who choose to take on one of these unique puppies. You will still want to have them checked out and evaluated routinely for those types of health problems, but you have better odds that they won’t suffer from them.

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Alongside the long fur, you’ll find that these dogs are actually a little smaller than a standard rottweiler. Though they’re not significantly smaller, there is a noticeable difference. This can be good for some who love the look of a rottweiler but would prefer a smaller dog. And since it doesn’t cause any level of health problems it can be a great benefit.

You will also want to consider just what you’re planning on doing with your dog. For example, those who plan on showing a rottweiler in events will need to avoid the long haired rottweiler, which is not allowed to even compete in anything through the AKC.

The Long Haired Rottweiler and the AKC

The American Kennel Club does not recognize the long haired rottweiler as part of the breed or part of what’s considered the ‘breed standard.’ This means that they are not allowed to enter into any type of show that judges dogs based on their adherence to standards.

If you’re looking for a show dog you’ll definitely need to look elsewhere to find them. A standard rottweiler, with short fur, will be able to compete (if they meet other breed standards), however these more unique dogs are not invited to the competition.

You will want to think about whether you’re going to enter into dog shows with your dog before you find a dog and fall in love with them. After all, once you’ve seen a long haired rottweiler you may very well fall in love with the look of them.

The Kennel Club, however, does not encourage these dogs being brought into the breed because they feel that it actually diminishes the standard and can take away from the natural and unique beauty of the standard rottweiler look. This even though the long haired rottweiler is still a ‘standard’ or ‘natural’ version of the breed.

How to Find a Long Haired Rottweiler

You will need to look long and hard if you’re hoping to find a long haired rottweiler. They don’t show up in every litter and even breeding two long haired rottweilers together does not always produce a litter with any long haired rottweilers.

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What this means is you may need to reach out to several breeders to let them know what you are looking for. You will also have to make sure that you work with the type of breeder that accepts this type of dog, because not all breeders are actually welcoming of them.

The AKC does not approve of the dog, and some breeders will actually euthanize these dogs because they do not meet the standard. Because breeders want to make sure that the dogs they sell are as high quality as possible, they may try to eliminate dogs that don’t meet those standards.

Reaching out to a breeder, or several breeders, before their pups are born will give you the best chance of finding a long haired rottweiler. You could be saving that dogs life and getting a great companion to go along with your trouble.

Do People Want a Long Haired Rottweiler?

The truth is that people actually do want these dogs. While the AKC and some breeders think that they need to be eliminated and that they are contrary to the breed standard, there are a lot of individuals who would love to take one in.

There’s a long list of people who are interested, but even with that level of interest breeders tend to shy away from the idea of selling off these dogs from their litters. This may be because of the strict guidelines of the AKC and the desire of the breeder to make sure that all of their dogs meet those standards.

The more their dogs meet the standards the more breeders can sell their puppies for. On the other hand, if the breeder sells a lot of dogs that don’t meet the standard this could reduce their overall worth and reduce the interest that others have in their dogs. It could diminish their business from the people who want the most stereotypical of rottweilers.

That doesn’t mean you need to give up. There are some breeders that will sell these dogs and there are ways to find them. You will just need to be a little more patient than someone who is willing to purchase a more standard rottweiler.

Are Long Haired Rottweilers Different?

Well, the main difference between rottweilers with long hair and those with the standard short hair is just that. Their hair. Dogs that are born with longer fur tend to have some curl and a whole lot of volume to go along with it. While standard rottweilers have short, straight fur.

The long haired breed seems to be slightly shorter on average than their standard counterparts, though this difference is not significant. You may notice if you put a standard rottweiler next to a long haired rottweiler or if you’ve had them before. But in general the size difference is not major.

You’ll also notice that these dogs have similar or fewer health problems than standard rottweilers. There’s no real understanding of why that is, but we do know that the long haired rottweiler does not have any genetic problems as a result of the long hair or in conjunction with it.

The temperament of the long haired rottweiler is also very similar to that of a standard rottweiler. Just like a standard rottweiler can have a slightly varied temperament, so can the long haired version. But all versions of the rottweiler are still strong, confident, loving, sweet, and great family dogs. You just might find some that are a little more shy or reserved than others or some that are a little more rambunctious.

Aside from not being ‘breed standard’ these dogs seem quite similar to the standard rottweiler. The AKC does not approve it, but that doesn’t mean that owners also don’t approve. The differences are minimal and the ones that do exist are actually benefits to some, so it’s definitely a breed to watch.

What Do You Need to Prepare to Care for a Long Haired Rottweiler?

In general, you’ll need to be aware of the fact that these dogs require a little more care and attention. Because of the long hair you will need to brush these dogs more frequently than their short haired siblings. There’s more chance of dirt and other debris getting stuck in their fur.

This means that you may want to brush your dog every day to make sure that their fur stays in good shape and doesn’t get snarled, matted, or otherwise damaged. You will also want to get them trimmed regularly to ensure the health of their fur.

As for bathing, you still want to make sure that you aren’t bathing your dog too frequently as this can strip the natural oils that their fur needs. You will need to bathe them a little more frequently than a standard, short haired rottweiler, however, because of the potential for dirt and debris that can get tangled in their fur. You can check out more in our Rottweiler grooming article.

Other than these tips on grooming, taking care of a long haired rottweiler is actually going to be very much the same as taking care of a standard one. Their health and general care are going to be the same and they will need similar amounts of food, exercise and other care or attention.

Getting a Brand New Puppy

No matter what kind of puppy you’re getting, it’s important to understand the general care that they need and to make sure that you’re aware of what makes them truly unique. After all, every breed, and every dog is going to be a different addition to your family.

Take a little time to investigate what it means to own a rottweiler and just how these amazing dogs will fit into your family. You might even be surprised at how much better your home and your family seem when you have a dog (or two) to welcome you home each day.


Having a rottweiler is one of the best things that you can do because these amazing dogs are loving, sweet, gentle and everything you could need in a pet. And when you have a family too, they’re a great addition.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about rottweilers by checking out our other content as well.

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