Thor and Loki

by Carmine Leon
(Tucson, az)

Thor with brother Loki

Thor with brother Loki

You are absolutely right, rottie puppies need constant attention, they really are like children, getting into everything, figuring out what they can do with their sharp little teeth.

My puppies love to knock all the food out of the bowl and eat it off the kitchen floor, every damn time. Cute little monsters.

They are named correctly, Thor is a gental giant, he is a little bigger than his brother Loki, and he is very affectionate, and loves to cuddle, Loki on the other hand is a little troublemaker, always wanting to nip and play with Thor.

They are 2 months old, and house trained, and understand some commands, sit, come, and paw. Awesome puppies

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Nov 04, 2014
Thor and Loki NEW
by: carmine

Yeah, Thor is a prince. When getting into the truck he has to be lifted into the truck. He will just wait by the door to get picked up and in. Where Loki has no problem jumping in and ready to go. Thor loves to cuddle, and Loki is a people pleaser. When I have them pull the wagon he has something to prove. But Thor still has his little brother in size. 6mths and Thor is at 62lbs Loki is 60, biggest lap dogs I've ever had. Lol

Oct 23, 2014
Great minds think alike NEW
by: Anonymous

My Rots are named Thor an Lokey also. Thor is 15 now!! We got him a little brother 6 years later so he would have a buddy. They live up to the names Thor is like a golden child well behaved energetic and loving his brother was a handful for 2 years a prankster but I wouldn't trade them for the world!

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