Wondering if a rottweiler is a breed for us..

by Erikia

i currently have 2 mini dachshunds now, i have a 3 yr old male and a 2 yr old female, and my boyfriend wants a bigger dog and is in love with rottweilers..

i am not against getting one i am just extremely scared of what could happen if they don’t get along.. what would u suggest? do u think that a rottweiler would go well with our little dogs?

Hi Erikia
If a Rottweiler puppy is brought up with small dogs, cats, other pets etc., then they usually don’t have any trouble getting along. Rotties aren’t vicious dogs, or prone to attacking smaller ones in general. Many Rottweilers live happily alongside tiny dogs and are best friends.

However, bringing an adolescent or adult Rottweiler who isn’t familiar with smaller dogs or other pets, into a home like yours wouldn’t be the best idea for first-time Rottie owners.

The only problem that may come up in your type of situation is that the Rottie pup may ‘play rough’ simply due to his size, and could accidentally hurt one of your little Doxies. Rottweiler puppies are often a bit clumsy due to their rapid growth, but they aren’t malicious.

I think you have to discuss things fully with your boyfriend and really think through the pros and cons of adding a big dog to your home, and prepare strategies to deal with any problems you think may happen. Then make your decision.

ANY big dog has the potential to hurt a smaller one, intentionally or not, so maybe the question should be whether you want to add a dog (of any breed) who will mature to 100 lbs plus, or go for something more ‘middle of the road’.

I hope this helps some and wish you the best of luck with your choice.

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Oct 12, 2010


rotties & cat’s, imagine that
by: Anonymous

I currently have 4 dog’s, 2 of which are rottweilers. I also have 10 cat’s. All my dog’s and cat’s get along just fine. The 2 rotties I have now were brought in as puppy’s and the cat’s have a way of putting a dog in it’s place with little help from me. I took in an 8 year old rottweiler who lived to be 13 and never had a problem with her and my ca’t or smaller dog’s. I also rescued a 3 year old rottie who recently pass due to cancer and never had any issues with smaller dog’s or cat’s. Your small dog’s should learn (if you decide on a rottie) that their new pack member has grown bigger then them and I think it is a natural instint for the smaller dog’s to know how to manuver around a larger dog for it’s own protection. They are quicker than a large dog and can get in places a large dog can’t so in the long run I feel the smaller dog takes advantage of this and feels he/she has the upper hand. Not to say you shouldn’t keep an eye out at first for your little dog’s but my experience have all been good when it comes to rotties and smaller dog’s or cat’s.

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