why do they growl when some one they don’t really know comes near them, is this to say they don’t like them or will they hurt them?

by ann mccoy
(nottingham england)

Will they bite them?

Hi Ann
That’s a difficult question to answer, and in fact there’s more than one answer – because all dogs are different and their personalities, temperaments, level of socialization, fearful or defensive tendencies (and more) vary considerably.

Rottweilers are natural guardians (see my Rottweiler Temperament and Rottweiler Behavior pages to learn more about this breed), and they’re not like Golden Retrievers or Labs, who love everyone unconditionally. Being ‘reserved’ is natural for the breed.

However, being aggressive (without provocation) isn’t! A Rottweiler should never be indiscriminately aggressive, and if a dog of any breed growls at someone it is a verbal warning. Never approach a dog who is growling at you, the next ‘warning’ is a snap/bite.

If a Rottweiler is well-bred, has a sound temperament, and is well socialized it won’t growl at someone just because they’re a stranger. Unless perhaps it’s on their own property and their owner isn’t around.

Unfortunately there are many people who own (and breed) Rottweilers without knowing enough about the breed, or caring whether or not the dogs they’re producing are sound physically and temperamentally. These are the dogs that can fuel the bad publicity about the breed, and it’s not the dogs’ fault but the breeders/owners.

Bottom line is avoid a dog who is growling at you, regardless of breed, you don’t know what their next move may be and you don’t want to take a chance on getting hurt.

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