which age rottweiler is best to take home?

by Nadeem

would like to seek your expert advice on which age rottweiler puppy should i select from an option of 8 weeks & 16 weeks.

The breeder offered me the above 2 option and im a bit confused as to which one i should go for. i am new to Dog raising (but of course a great lover of them) and request you to help me on this choice as my concerns are with the training, since i do not have any idea of what training methods the breeder has given and what i should follow.

can we impose new techniches to a 4 month old rott from what he “might” have learned earlier?? how friendly he can be with his new master?? how easily he respond to my commands?? can he be trained to adapt his new “POTTY”? etc etc…..

thanks again for your time and awaiting your soonest response..

Hi Nadeem
This is a good question, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer because so much depends on the way the puppies are being raised right now.

If the breeder is a responsible one and is socializing and training these puppies on a daily basis, and the parent dogs are healthy physically and have sound temperaments, then it’s really a matter of personal choice and the age of the pup has little real relevance.

BUT, if the pups are kept outdoors, with little or no close human interaction or socialization, and if they are not being crate trained, potty trained and learning basic obedience, it will likely be more difficult for you as the new owner (especially as you’re a first time owner) to get your new pup adjusted and ‘up to speed’ on everything. It’s not that it’s impossible to do this, it’s just that it will take you longer and involve more work.

Rottweilers are very loyal and loving dogs, and a pup who has a sound temperament and is used to being around humans will bond with you regardless of age (in fact, even adult dogs will bond with their new owners given a little time). Potty training and obedience training may be more of a challenge unless they have already been started.

They’re also very intelligent dogs, so a pup won’t have too much difficulty learning new, and maybe slightly different, house rules because he will be eager to please you. Again it may just take a little more time in a 16 week old pup than it will in an 8 week old one.

You may want to read my Taking Care Of A Puppy page as it will give you all the tips and advice you need to look after your new Rottie, regardless of how old he is.

I would personally recommend making sure that this breeder is responsible and ethical first and raises their pups correctly. If this is the case, then pick whichever puppy you feel most drawn to. Choosing an older pup who has been fully vaccinated and has begun house training means that you might skip some of the initial problems and may work better if you’re away from home for long periods. Some owners don’t want to miss the ‘tiny puppy’ stage, but it’s really a matter of personal preference that’s all.

I’ve personally owned Rottweiler pups from 8 weeks old all, 4 months old, all the way up to adopting a full-grown adult.. and have never had any issues with bonding or behavior in any of them.

Hope this helps some and I wish you the best of luck with whatever decision you make.

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Nov 28, 2011

Re:which age rottweiler is best to take home? NEW
by: Nadeem

Hello Alice,

Thanks a lot and much appreciate your valuable time spared in helping my question.
since im not pretty sure about the breeder’s training and as you & Kalyan advised, to have a better bonding with the family members, i prefer with the 8 weeks old.

Thanks once again to all those shared their expert advice. Glad to be here in your ROTT family,

Nov 27, 2011

kalyan NEW
by: Girish

At 8 weeks

advantages – it help you to get a bonding with the pup at very earlier stage.
with higher responsibility on your part to guide and train, specialy nipping will be a issue for to deal with

At 16 weeks
Advantage – you may get over lot of nipping behaviour of pup , as dam will get that corrected by then and as sue highlighted a responsible breeder wille even give crate training and potty training by then.

about any age, i have bit differnt opinion.

This breed generally infamed and rated as one with unpredictable behaviour and even attackign owner. But studying deeply, one may realise the change of ownership also factor of it.

a pup grown up with you and family from early puppy stage have a more better strong confidance on you and your family than one you get at adult age.

8 weeks to 16 weeks whichever you chose will benefit you in one or other way.

a breed which is perfect guard and companion combination

Nov 27, 2011

Rotties are the best no matter the age!! NEW
by: Charlotte

As a lover of Rotties I have to say that to me the age doesnt much matter as they are extremely smart. Pushy at times but as long as you stick to one type of taining ( I suggest a loving yet firm training) you should be just fine.. Best of luck to you. Im sure which ever rottie you pick they will bring you great joy…

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