very stubborn 3 month old male rottie won’t walk on leash

by kam

hey i love this site and i’m always on it learning about rotties.

i have a 14 week old male rottie, he is adorable and fun, he loves to follow me everywhere, but the moment i put a leash on him he decides not to take another step!

what can i do, i tried giving a light pull and even dragged him for up to 7 steps and he does not walk.

Hi Kam
This is totally normal behavior for a pup who is just being introduced to walking on a leash – and it’s not only Rottie pups that do it 🙂

I’d recommend that you read my Leash Training A Puppy page as it has all the advice you need. It takes patience and consistent work to get a pup walking nicely, but if you follow the tips on the above page you should be able to get him on the right road.

I’d also strongly suggest getting him enrolled in a basic puppy class at a dog obedience school. It’s easier to learn how to train a pup to walk on the leash (among other things) when you’re actually SHOWN the technique rather than having to read it and follow along. Hands-on help is invaluable and training classes not only help you learn to communicate with your pup better and strengthen your bond, but the socialization aspect is very important and beneficial for your Rottweiler.

I hope this helps and wish you the very best of luck.

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Apr 07, 2011


by: kam

lol my puppy walks himself too and its so funny, and ya thats helpful thank you verymuch

Apr 07, 2011


by: judy roses

Hi there, I also have a 14 week old puppy and it took me a bit as well..what I did was take a bag of biscuits with me.I boke them into bit size pieces(just big enough to smell and tease) and held it a foot away from her nose.You can also use a different type of food and use it just for treats.I did this in the yard every day a few times for a few minutes and started that way..I also felt I was dragging her so I bought a harness and wow,what a difference..I then progressed to just outside the yard around the house.Within a week were were walking a block, now she’s starting to be eager for a walk and gets happy when she sees the leash. Once we got back in the yard I put the leash in her mouth to walk with..Hopefully she will go get me the leash down the road for walks..(Wishful this helps some..

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