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by Harshad

Hi there,

i own a 6 months female lab and 2 months female rottweiler, i do training of my Lab with promotional trainer, but often she obeys command of trainer not main,

Now i want to train my rottweiler at home, i just wanna know tips to make her aggressive and train as guard dog,

Plz help,

Hi Harshad
Using a professional trainer to train your dog for you can result in your dog not realizing that he has to obey you as well! It’s better to use a combination of professional and owner-based training.

Training your Rottweiler yourself is perfectly possible as they are very intelligent dogs, eager to please, and extremely focused.

However, I can’t give you ‘tips to make her aggressive and train as a guard dog’ as that is completely the wrong way to approach training ANY dog, particularly a big, guardian breed like the Rottweiler!

A Rottie is naturally protective of his/her owner, property and loved ones. It’s hardwired into the breed’s history. However, they are very discerning guard dogs and should NEVER be encouraged to be ‘aggressive’ that will only confuse your pup and interfere with her natural guarding instincts. It will lead to an anxious, fearful dog who doesn’t trust people and is unpredictable and ultimately dangerous to everyone – not just strangers.

Shutzhund training is the exception, but that needs to be undertaken with the help and supervision of a qualified professional only.

Your Rottweiler is just a baby and for now she simply needs to learn basic obedience and ‘manners’. You can learn all about training your puppy on this page…
Free Puppy Training Tips and there’s definitely enough information there to get you started off on the right food. I’d also recommend taking your puppy to an organized dog obedience class where you can train her under the supervision of a professional trainer.

A puppy’s guarding instincts will develop naturally as she grows, generally they will begin to show up during adolescence (often around the 6 – 8 months age) and gradually increase as she matures. They do not need to be encouraged and you should not expect (or want!) a Rottweiler puppy to be aggressive or wary of strangers. The breed is naturally confident in their own abilities, and interfering with their instincts will disrupt that.

When mature, rest assured that if you/your family/your home, is in danger then your Rottweiler (and probably your Lab too) will act accordingly. Trust her.

I hope this helps, best of luck with your dogs.

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Jan 01, 2012

Rottweiller Training NEW
by: Debby Kendall

As a long time Rotweilweiler owner,lover and trainer your comment sadness me deeply and if this is truely how you want to train your puppy than you should think about getting another breed of dog. If you do this you risk the danger of someone getting hurt & it is with this kind of thinking that gives the Rottweiler their bad name. They are born & breed to guard & they will in time all do so on their own when it is needed but there is a big difference in protection & aggression, beleive me I’ve seen both. A protective Rottie is a family member who would give his life for yours & loves & respects you & in return that’s all they want but an aggressive Rottie is mean & can kill & the best you can do for them is to put them down. Please choose love & respest they deserve that.

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