Spotted tongues in Rottweilers?

by Laura
(Schertz, Texas)

Can a pure-breed Rottweiler have purple spots on his tongue? I adopted one from my local shelter and I for the life of me can not see what he is mixed with as stated on his cage, but there are purple dots on his tongue, and he has a bit longer fur than what I’ve seen in the pictures. About an inch and a half to 2 inches.

I did read the section on there is no real way to tell if he is pure or not without papers but I just wanted to know if this is common in the breed. Thank you for your time and help!

Hi Laura
It’s pretty much impossible to tell what breeds any dog of mixed ancestry has just by looking. There are DNA tests that can be done to determine the percentage of different breeds in a dog if you are really interested in finding out.

Many breeds can have spots or colored marks on their tongues, although it is fairly rare. The most well-known breed with a dark or spotted tongue is the Chow Chow, but many other dog breeds also show this trait occasionally. These include the Shar Pei, Doberman Pinscher, Dalmation, Great Pyrenees and many more… also the Rottweiler.

Sorry I can’t be more precise here, but as long as this dog is happy, healthy and has a good temperament I wouldn’t worry too much about what his heritage is. Best of luck with him.

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Apr 14, 2017


Rot puppy NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 6 month old rott puppy. I just noticed spots on his tongue. I have no papers on him, and don’t intend to breed him. I’ve had 6 Rotts in the last 25 years. Never saw a spotted tongue. This little big guy has an awesome personality, he’s is super visual ( looking into Windows and other stuff) … I’m not sure he’s pure bred, but he is a an awesome puppy. He has good heart and super smart. He looked purebred at 7 weeks when we got him. His hips look good too

Jun 10, 2016


Rottweilers had purple tongues NEW
by: Patrick

Growing up in New orleans i remember falling in love with Rottweilers back in 1980 when i lived in uptown New Orleans and my neighbor was a police officer he had a Rottweiler that had a purple tongue an at the time i no there was only one breed that had a purple tongue that was the Chow Chow. As time pass the owner of the rottweiler realize his dog like me so because it was a service dog he was a officer he thought it was always about business. after a little wow i started to go and get him and he even would look for me i had a german shepherd they became best of friends. But i remember my neighbor was telling me the history of the breed he said his great grand father was german and breed them dogs and his dog resembles his great grand father first dog he got from his grand father so we talking early 1900 or late 1800. i remember all the pure breed german rockys had purple tongue and about a year are so later i got my first rottweiler its funny how it happen i was walking down Magazine Street walking my dog and a friend of my was in the car with his mom and she was telling me how her an her husband paid all this money for this dog but they never no it was going to grow that big. his mother no me and my brothers love dogs so she asked me do i want it and can i give it a good home i said hold up really hold up i didn’t no what kind of dog she was talking about i can’t take any kind of dog home she said it’s a rottweiler and do i no any thing about that breed i said yes ma’am and i would love to take him so we set a time so i can go get him 4:00pm i remember it like it was yesterday i got my oldest brother to go with me so we walked over to the Garden District and made it to the house man the first time i saw him i said wow to my friends dad he had a purple tongue like my neighbor dog my friend dad said he came from a town in germany called Rottweil germany and he is the best of his breed and you take real good care of him i named him spark a couple year pass and i got a female and started having puppy’s i have family in Edmonton AB Canada that still have spark blood in them with purple tongue.

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