Small wound on my Rottweiler’s foot – he keeps licking it!

by Arun
(Kerala, India)


I have a 1.3 years old male Rottweiler. Some days back I noticed that he is biting his foot. I checked for ticks. But there is a small wound there, probably from his biting, just a small scratch. But he kept licking it. I asked my vet and he suggested me a spray, TopiCure,

But he is still licking the wound. He has no problem in running, jumping and playing and he is completely happy. Should I do something else?


Hi Arun
It sounds as though what is bothering your pup is fairly minor and as yet isn’t infected.

I couldn’t really tell from that link what is IN the spray your vet recommended, but as it’s a natural, herbal product it should at least be soothing and hopefully antibacterial or antiseptic as well.

The problem with repeated licking is that it makes the area moist and that can encourage the growth of bacteria which then cause infection. There are special ‘cone’ shaped collars that are often used on dogs to prevent them licking at scars from surgery, or irritated areas of skin, your vet may be able to supply one that your pup can wear until the sore area heals up.

However, it’s also important to figure out why he started to lick at that area in the first place. Repeated and excessive licking (especially at the paws, legs, tummy and tail area) can be the sign of canine allergies.

It might be a good idea to check him all over and make sure that there aren’t any other signs of allergy such as red/irritated areas of skin known as ‘hot spots’, or any hair loss or rashes. If you notice these then you will need to try to figure out what he’s sensitive to.

However, if there are no other signs of a problem, it could simply be that he got a bug bite on his foot, or a thorn or something like that and he’s trying to soothe it… although he’s probably making it worse 🙂 In that case, the spray should help and I’d try to get him a cone collar too.

If the area does get red, inflamed, swollen or seems painful for him, have you vet examine it to make sure that there’s no infection developing.

Hope this helps, and that your Rottie’s foot is much better soon.

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Jul 04, 2013 NEW
by: Anonymous My dog has a large sore on top of his paw . I took him to the vet and he gave him shot of cortisone. And some antibiotics for a month. the sore went away. and then I notice that as soon as he stop taking the meds it returned. He is not limping. He has lick it so much that there is no more hair around that area. It is the size or a quarter. My dog is an attack dog he is not easy to deal with. I have cleaned the area on his foot put a gauze and duck tape over it he tore the duck tape and the gauze off. I do not know what to do. Please e-mail me back.

Oct 23, 2012 rott weiler NEW
by: Shesh My dog rott weiler have a swell and wound in front left leg . It’s just 50 days old. He always lick it

Oct 23, 2012 rott weiler NEW
by: Shesh My dog rott weiler have a swell and wound in front left leg . It’s just 50 days old. He always lick it

Dec 18, 2011 its safe NEW
by: Arun its safe even if he lick the ointment – as it doestn have chemicals.



Dec 17, 2011 Himax – doubt NEW
by: Arun So even if he lick the ointment u suggested, its safe?

Dec 17, 2011 Himax ointment NEW
by: Girish – Kalyan, India apply Himax Ointment – easily available in any medical stores in India

A Miticidal, Antifungal, Antiseptic, Antipruritic skin Ointment

Ideal for thrush, seedy toe and sweet itch lesions. As with all topical preparations test a little on the skin is sensitivity is suspected. It will keep the wound clean and fly nuisance free, hastening healing.

Use it on insect bites. Himax is a dark coloured preparation and may stain light coloured areas. Himax is non-chemical and very safe.

Available in 50gm tube
200gm tubes

the smell of the ointment keep even the fly away from wound and also your pup will not dare to lick the wound with this ointment applied 🙂

Please do update back here about your pup and the experience with this ointment 🙂

Dec 16, 2011 Thanks NEW
by: Arun Thanks for the suggestions everyone..He is good now, not licking the wound now. Anyways I am going to check him all over.

Dec 16, 2011 E-collar NEW
by: Rebecca My Rottweiler did this two different times on her paw. She licked so much it became an open sore. I worked at an animal hospital at the time and the Vets told me that the excessive licking can release endorphines and it triggers the “feel good” sensation in the brain. The E-collar is a great way to prevent them from licking it so it can heal.

Dec 16, 2011 rottweilers foot NEW
by: kerry it could be a grass seed thats been in there a while.

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