Routine/preventive tests for Rottweilers.

by Himanshu

Dear Susan,

What are the routine/preventive tests that should be run at periodic intervals. We have access to a vet and laboratory close by and we don’t mind the expenses as long as we can keep Chippy in good health.

She is now 15 months. We had a babesia scare when she 6 months and a UTI one when she was around 9 months.



Hi Himanshu
Hope Chippy is doing well, she must be a big girl by now!

What routine preventative measures are necessary depends a lot on the area you live in and the exposure your dog has to other dogs, parasites etc.

Routine application of flea/tick medications (usually on a monthly basis) is always recommended, plus try to keep her as mosquito-free as possible.

De-worming can be done every six months, and vaccinations usually need to be done annually. In the US there are a number of diseases that dogs are vaccinated against including Rabies. In India there may be additional vaccines needed and your veterinarian will know about this.

Keeping Chippy away from areas where there is stagnant or dirty water, rats, mosquitoes and such is important as you don’t want her to contract any parasitic diseases.

Having her hips and elbows evaluated for dysplasia (even if she’s not showing any symptoms) is a good idea, and ideally can be done when she’s reached 2 years of age.

Other than that, a healthy diet and enough exercise should keep her happy and in good health. If you do ever have cause to worry because she is showing symptoms of illness, or her behavior changes etc., getting a veterinary evaluation immediately is the best thing you can do to protect her. The sooner a condition is diagnosed, the easier and more effective the treatment.

Good luck.

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