Rottweilers – do they mix with other dogs in the family and small children?

by Elizabeth
(Ft. Hood TX)

I love Rottweilers. They are gorgeous dogs and the ones I’ve known are so sweet despite their tough look. My main reason for getting a dog like this is mostly for protection. I’m not looking for an attack dog by any means, but since I’m home alone with my children a lot (my husband is active duty Army and is deployed a lot), and I don’t live in the safest town, I would feel a lot better if I had an extra dog in the house.

I have one already but I honestly don’t know how he socializes with other dogs since he’s an only dog. He’s a chocolate lab mix with pit. He’s very sweet natured, but if he feels threatened like with a stranger, he has a pretty mean bark. Are Rottweilers typically an only dog in a household or are they ok with other dogs? And most importantly, how are they with small children. My kids are 3 and 5. They know not to provoke a dog or treat it badly since I’m a huge advocate of that and have taught them how to behave around dogs. I’ve read that they are good with kids as long as they’ve been socialized around them. Is that correct?

I know some people who have them and had really small children and those dogs were so gentle with the kids. Would I have better luck raising a puppy instead of getting an adult dog or if I found an adult that’s been around kids, would that be ok too? Thanks for you help.

Hi Elizabeth
In your situation I’d recommend getting a puppy (whichever breed you choose) because you already have one adult dog and two small children. Bringing an adult dog of any age into that environment has the potential for problems.

Of course the majority of times it will work out just fine (and I’m a big advocate of adoption and rehoming adult dogs rather than buying puppies), so I’m not saying that it’s not possible to add an adult dog to a home/family like yours, just that it can be more difficult and it sounds as though you already have your hands pretty full!

Rottweilers who are raised around other dogs, cats, pets and children are usually wonderful with them. Loving, gentle and protective. I’ve raised my 6 kids with Rotties (and an assortment of other dogs, cats, birds, rodents etc. etc.) and never had any problems at all. This breed is the best in my opinion – in just about every way.

I’d strongly recommend getting a female pup though, as having two dogs of the same sex often leads to conflict once the pup starts to mature. Two dogs of the opposite sex (but make sure to get them both ‘fixed’ of course) are much more likely to be life-long friends. Don’t think a female Rottweiler won’t be as protective as a male either, they are JUST as protective (perhaps even more so when kids are involved). Do make sure that your lab/pit mix isn’t dog aggressive in any way, or resents having other dogs in the house or you could have a little bit of an issue there.

I understand you wanting a dog for protection, but although Rotties are guardians by nature, they need lots of love, attention and gentle, positive training. Never encourage aggression or defensive behavior as that can cause all sorts of problems. Also be certain to buy a pup from a reputable breeder (see my Choosing A Rottweiler Breeder page for lots of tips and advice on this), as you absolutely must have a pup with healthy, temperamentally sound parents.

I’d also recommend reading all the info. on this site about choosing and raising a Rottweiler, plus study the breed characteristics, Rottweiler temperament etc. so that you know exactly how to raise and train your pup. Investing in a couple of good Rottweiler Books is also highly recommended.

I hope all this helps you come to a decision, but don’t rush into anything. As you probably already know, raising a puppy is sort of like raising a child and takes a lot of time, attention, love and patience. Make sure you can commit all of this to a new pup before you take the plunge.

I wish you the very best of luck with whatever you choose to do.

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Apr 04, 2017


Rotwiller with kids? Help please! NEW
by: Anonymous

Would anyone introduce a very active 6 year old boy into a home that a rotwiker has been living by himself fo 3 years.

My ex and my six year old son are moving iinto her boyfriends house and I’m worried the dog with be threatened by my six year old.

Good, bad, of other comments welcome

The risk/reward is not there for me.

Nov 28, 2016


Yippeee NEW
by: Anonymous

Just brought a rottweiler pup home while raising another. (Despite mom’s protests)Was glad to find out more about him and that he can be raised with another dog. (A female one luckily) Fingers crossed and want to raise both the best I can. Damn. Rottweiler puppies are the cutest ever.

Sep 05, 2010


Rottweiler puppy is best option
by: Girsih

I strongly agree to Sues suggetion to have a Rottweiler puppy.

Rather what I do with my rotty to get used to the chidlrens from childhood is

make my younger one feed him
make her even put her hand in his feed to mix in between and make sure he stand aside till she finish

make her sit beside him and pamper him when he is having his feed moving hand over his body.

just few way i am making him learn from puppyhood that he is the lower in rank and this all acceptable part of love gestures from his owners

Sep 04, 2010


Rottweilers ????????
by: Maria

I love my Rottie. This is the second one my husband and I have had. Unfortunely our first one died at 6 yrs old of Bloat. We were devasted, especially since we never even heard of it. 4 days later back to Animal and Things in Woodbridge only to fall in love with a female this time. After she was spayed at 7 mo. she started leakage from her vagina. We too her to the vet who did countless tests and could not figure out what it was. She told us to go to a specialist 100 miles from our home which we were so ready to do. The next day before I made = an appt with the spec. I went to my dentist to suggested to go to his vet that he has cured dogs that no one else could. Gave it a try. Put her on Proin because he did find an infection, called a specialist to speak about her asked us several questions from day one and went over the old vets report she wrote for him on what she had done. I know I am off the subject but back to the original subject both my Rotties were were the best dogs for protection. I leave the door open when I go out at times and don’t have to worry but the thing is they were both so loving to everything and everyone until they got to be about 8 mo old and they both start getting overly protective of their family. Couldn’t go to dog parks anymore and now with my new puppy who just completed 16 wks of obedient training she is starting to snap at certain people. Long story short I can’t allow her to go near anyone because of her behavior. She is AKC registered but I did have her spayed and did everything to socialize her but for some reason they can become a problem. Actually anyone I know with one says they are wonderful, wonderful loyal family dogs but don’t expect to trust them around anyone they are not sure of. Also she is very smart and graduated with honors. I guess some can be all around dogs but maybe sometimes it’s just it their genes.

Sep 04, 2010


Thank you
by: Elizabeth

Thank you so much for all tha helpful information. I would never train or teach my dog (whichever breed I’ll choose) to be aggressive. Since I have small children, I know that would just be a recipe for disaster. I would just love having another dog in the house for that added comfort. There would definitely be no lack in love and care and if I need to do puppy/dog training on a regular basis, that’s no problem. Puppies are a lot of work just like kids, but if that’s the route I need to take in order to have a safe environment for everyone, so be it. Thank you again for all your help!

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