Rottweiler not barking now

by Chamara
(Sri Lanka)

I’m having a female Rottweiler puppy (1.5 Years old).. Earlier she used to bark to strangers but now she is not barking to anyone.

If any stranger (even with their pets) visited my house, she is not caring about them at all.. Why is this sudden change?

Hi Chamara
Rottweilers are very discerning guard dogs and a well-balanced Rottie is generally able to tell the difference between a stranger who may be a threat as opposed to one who is friendly. They are also not usually dog aggressive unless provoked.

You don’t want a dog who barks at everyone indiscriminately and I am pretty sure that if you or your home were at risk then your dog would protect you – with her life if necessary.

However, as this is a sudden change in behavior I would also recommend that if she is showing any other changes, or seems lethargic or unwell in any way, that you should have her examined by your vet to make sure that all is well.

Most likely she is simply maturing and is starting to better understand her guardian instincts and when she should react – and when she shouldn’t. I wouldn’t worry about this at all.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dog.

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