Rottie behavior problem – chewing everything.

by Kathy K
(Pine Bush,NY united States)

We adopted bear when he as 5 months old from the shelter. Yes this is the same Bear that is chasing my cat. He has been very well behaved up until the last 2 weeks or so.

Now he is starting to pull books from the shelves and eat them, he will take things off the bathroom counter or where ever he can reach and chew or eat them. So far he has chewed a barrette, chewed the pages out of a book,eaten a pencil all within the last few days.

Is this just a stage or What should I do. I do correct him for but he is sneaky he ate the book at 6 am when I was sleeping. He ate the barette when I was downstairs taking clothes out of the drier and he got the pencil off of the shelf when we were eating dinner.

Kathy K

Hi Kathy
I’m not sure how long you’ve had Bear, what his previous life was like, or where, or how old he is… and that makes it difficult to give you an exact answer (I may have already answered a question about him, but I’m afraid I have so many submissions that it’s hard to keep them all straight in my head!).

If he’s a fairly recent addition to your family this change could be due to him starting to feel more comfortable and so he’s allowing his natural behavior to come through. If he’s under 18 months – 2 years, he’s still an adolescent and this can be a challenging time, for everyone.

Chewing is a natural canine behavior and it’s also a big way in which dogs work off any stress, built up anxiety, tension or physical energy. They also chew if they’re bored. I’d recommend that you start by making sure Bear is getting plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. That means regular walks, play sessions and training sessions. Physical and mental energy needs to be expended!

Until a pup/dog can be relied on not to eliminate indoors and chew/destroy stuff, they should be confined to their crate, or a dog-proofed room or playpen when they’re not being supervised. This prevents them from having the opportunity to get into stuff they shouldn’t or misbehave. I’d strongly recommend using Bear’s crate more than you are doing currently, and keeping him with you and supervised when he’s not crated. This isn’t a punishment, it’s simply a management technique. As long as he has plenty of social time, and exercise and training, he will be fine in his crate for short periods with a few safe, sturdy toys to chew on.

Rotties are slow to mature and it could be that this is part of a developmental phase, or just part of his ‘settling in’ process. Just use common sense and the suggestions above and be patient. Good luck.

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Aug 24, 2017

Rottweiler- Brutas NEW
by: Anonymous

My dog is 2 months old already giving me a headache, he chewes almost everything, messess up my garden, broom, blankets, and nibbles peoples trousers, shoe laces. If you leave anything small outside it chews it. I always try to get it to order but it does not give up. I also find time to play with it to see if it will reduce its behaviour but does not help.

Dec 17, 2016

Help? NEW
by: Anonymous

My rottweiler is 8 months now, we got her when she was 5 months from an abusive house.she keeps chewing on everything she can get her mouth on and she also pees alot when someone comes to pet her. Any suggestions on how I can get her to stop peeing and chewing on things?

Jul 14, 2016

My rottweiler starred chewing NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I have a rottweiler that will be 2 on September,I have had him from 5 weeks old. He didnt chew much when he was a pup but now the past week he keeps chewing toilet roll, shoes I dont leave him long 1 hour max, if going out long I get my mum or dad to watch him. Is this normal for a rottweiler to start chewing at this age?

Mar 16, 2016

rottie NEW
by: brenda

hi my 4 month old male rottie chew apart his harnest first time,hes a great dog i dont wann put a collar to hurt his neck he is very strong for his age

Jan 18, 2016

max NEW
by: Anonymous

LOL i think ya lucky if he just eats paper towels i have a rottweiler called max aged 15 months he is big for his age and will chew anything in site and sometimes growls if you try to take it from him his favourite is his harnesses and collars he has been through loads even if we spray every thing with anti chew he still chews it. if you find out a way to stop your dog then let me no.

Mar 03, 2012

Bitter Apple may help NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

Bitter Apple spray or a mint spray may also help deter with chewing stuff like books and furniture. Test a hidden area first to make sure it doesn’t stain.

My dogs can’t stand the smell of Original scent Freebreeze. So guess what gets sprayed on the furniture and drapes at least once a week!

Mar 03, 2012

I am on my 3rd Rottweiler all chewed NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I completely understand what you are saying when you are saying that Bear is sneaky! Lili, and my 2 previous Rottweilers all were sneaky. Blink and they will have something off an area that they can reach.

They are slow to mature – Lili slower because I keep telling her and treating her like a baby! However, I have found that once they get through the puppy/adolescent stage, while they still will sneak a paper towel or tissue when they have the chance; you will find that usually that is their worst flaw and well worth some torn up paper every now and then.

While typing this while sitting in my room with the door shut, I have had to corret Lili 5 times because she has her eye on something and keeps attempting to sneak and grab it! Oh, Lili is 4 and paper towels or tissues are her biggest likes! Bear will probably grow out of most of the bahavior because I would have to totally agree with the answer you received. Rottweilers are slow to mature, being bored or adjusting to the new home &/or stress can cause all or most of the behavior. I am not sure how old Bear is, but the younger she is, the longer you will need to give her things to occupy the mind and body. As Bear gets older you will find 10 minutes of play and you will find Bear crashed out snoring!

Good luck with your new addition! You have chosen a great breed and if I survive the loss of Lili many many years to come (like 30), I will have a 4th Rottweiler. The love and devotion that they provide is unbelievable. I tell Lili I love her with all my heart so often she probably hates the word love, but I have to, she is my baby!

Good luck and you will be fine, sounds like Bear has a wonderful caring new parent!

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