Rottie and small dog don’t get along

by Michael
(Rainbow Beach, Australia)

Hi just a quick question i’m 17 and I have a rottie male called skip, he is 8 months and very well behaved, my mum also has a chihuahua X called daisy she is 3 years and the 2 of them don’t get along at all.

Well it’s not that they don’t get along it’s just the chihuahua is really scared of him and never wants anything to do with him.

Please do you know anyways that can help two dogs get along? i have tried walking them both together and thinking eventually they will like each other but still nothing.

Hi Michael
As long as these two aren’t actually getting into serious conflicts (which could obviously be dangerous for the chihuahua), I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

Although they’re both dogs, they’re almost at opposite ends of the size spectrum, and it may be that they also have personalities that don’t mesh very well. This happens with dogs, just the way it does with people, and you may need to accept that they’ll never be best friends.

Rotties are usually very good with other dogs even tiny ones, and ‘little and large’ friendships abound. However, it may just not be meant to be in this particular situation.

You do want to make sure that these two spend time together, play together, exercise together etc . whenever possible as you need to maintain a ‘working relationship’, but I wouldn’t worry too much if that’s all they get from each other. Your dog will be bonded closely to you and love you the most, and as long as he gets lots of love and attention and time with you, that’s all he needs. Same goes for your mom and her dog.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dogs.

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Apr 02, 2011


Rottie and Westie
by: Lisa

I have a 7yr old Westie (Benny) and a 11 month old Rottie (Delilah). When we got Delilah, Benny did not like her at all. After time, they are best friends. They have their moments though. Both have alpha qualities, but in the end, they came to realize that I was alpha. Benny is 22 pounds and Delilah is 120. She is very gentle with Benny, but when the energy level gets to high, I separate (not take them away from each other) but I stop the activity. They had to figure out on their own how to coexist and who was going to be alpha in their pack. I also have a 17 yr old collie mix. LOL, he is beta and just wants the other two to leave him alone in his old age. Let the dogs work out their issues, but be around in case the energy levels get to high. Rotties by nature, love other dogs. But it starts with you. Socialization is the key. Take them around other dogs and people as much as you can. Delilah has the best temperament. I can take her just about anywhere.

Mar 29, 2011


same here
by: Anonymous

Ha I got the same problem my dog has had Yorkie male all in his mouth while yorkie Wife watches

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