Rotti x not black??

My Rotti x American stuffy isn’t black and tan, why?

I’m by no means an expert on genetics or the way in which certain characteristics are inherited, so I can’t say for sure that I’m 100% correct on this but….

from what I understand, the gene for the black and tan color (black with tan ‘points’ that is) is recessive and a puppy needs to have inherited a ‘black and tan gene’ from each of it’s parents in order to show that color combo.

That means that both parents need to have at least one copy of that gene – if they have two then they will be black and tan themselves, but if a dog just has one copy of that particular gene he (or she) could be another color entirely but still produce black and tan puppies if mated with a black and tan dog.

However, if a Rottweiler is bred with a dog who has no black and tan genes in their genetic make up then the puppies will not have black and tan coloring. The next generation could have though if they are paired with a dog carrying that gene.

I know that sounds complicated, but the bottom line, as far as I understand it, your puppy could be a Rottie mix but the other dog had no black and tan genes, therefore the puppies didn’t inherit that Rottweiler characteristic.

If anyone can explain this better or I’m not right on this, please feel free to chime in!

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