Raised feeders for Rottweiler pup?

by Misty

Hi, i just wanted to get your opinion on whether i should use a raised feeder for my rottie. Right now she is 4 months old and i have been using one because i heard it was better on their joints.

Now i have been hearing that raised feeders contribute to bloat. I thought they helped prevent it. Anyway, i’m not sure if i should continue using one or not. What are your thoughts?

Do you use them personally. Thanks

Hi Misty
I use regular bowls while my dogs are pups, and then the ‘big dogs’ graduate to the elevated bowls once they reach 12 weeks or so.

I believe they help prevent strain on the joints (particularly the pasterns) of growing pups. They’re also easier on the back, shoulders and hips of the older dogs.

I know there are arguments for and against them (as is true for most products!), and I’m not certain whether or not there is a real advantage in terms of reducing the chances of canine bloat, but I don’t think it can have a negative effect.

If you have a dog who’s a ‘chow hound’, and gobbles down his food then I would recommend one of the Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowls as they can really reduce the amount of air your dog swallows.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your pup.

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Jun 27, 2011


by: misty

I appreciate the advice. I will continue to use the raised feeder for her. She does well with it and seems more comfortable using it.

Jun 27, 2011


@ Misty
by: Judy

I used a raised bowl for my last 2 rotties and now my 6 month old.I noticed that they were always laying down to eat their meals so I tried one.Heard that because of their long necks and general size they tend to lay down to eat.They have never had bloat and were never food gobblers as I portion served the meals.. Started my new baby,Angel,on it as soon as she was able to stand above dish and eat comfortable approx 3 months old.
I personally would recommend it based on past experience.

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