Pure breed or not

by Soumya
(Bangalore )

I have a 3 month old rottie and we love him a lot.

We were told that he is show quality and now started noticing that the markings on his legs have started to change colour and are turning black. The breeder told us that he comes with his papers and chip and has been postponing the dates and have not received so far.

We just want to be well informed of the breed so that we have a close watch of his behavioural changes with extra caution if he is not a pure breed.

His markings on the face and eyes are also very less . We are from India bangalore.

Hi Soumya. The color and depth of markings depend on genetics and purebred Rottweilers can have very dark, sooty or almost black markings. The only way to determine whether or not a pup is purebred is to have reputable papers from a reputable registration organization.

From what you say it’s difficult to be sure that the breeder you bought your pup from is reliable but hopefully you will get the pedigree papers and chip info. as promised.

I would not be concerned about temperament even IF your pup turns out not to be purebred. There’s no reason to believe he would be any less sound or have personality issues in that situation.

I’m sure he will be a wonderful dog regardless, but it IS upsetting to pay for a show-quality purebred dog and receive something different. Hopefully that is not what has happened here.

I wish you all lots of luck and know that you love your pup regardless 🙂
~ Sue

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Jan 04, 2017

reply to pure breed or not NEW
by: Soumya

Thanks Sue for the response. I was a little concerned about behaviour and temperment as I have young kids and aged parent at home. I will upload pics for your comments.

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