my rottweiler is not agressive?

by shayan khan

my rottweiler is a female of age above 1.5 years……she is very playful with everyone…..i want her to be aggressive..what to do??

she plays with everyone….. and listens to everyone…i want her to listen to me or people she knows….please help me out…i want her to be my security dog

Hi Shayan
I have heard this question more times that I would like, and I think it’s sad that owners sometimes expect their Rotties to be more like the ‘big, bad dog’ that they are so often made out to be, but actually aren’t!

Rottweilers ARE a guardian breed, and of course it’s natural to expect that your dog will protect you and your home if threatened. However, it’s not right to want a dog who is aggressive to other people and animals without being provoked… and it seems as though that is what you are hoping for.

From what you say, your dog has a stable, sound temperament and is friendly and confident, and respects human authority. You should in fact be very HAPPY about that because it means that she is a well-bred and well brought-up dog, who is confident in both herself and humans in general. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting her to that point, because this is the correct Rottweiler behavior!

Contrary to media representation and popular belief, Rottweilers are NOT a dangerous, mean or aggressive breed (see my Are Rottweilers Dangerous? page for more on this). They are very discriminating in their guardian abilities and generally won’t act aggressively, or defensively, unless provoked or they feel that they (or their families) are under attack. Even if they do feel it necessary to be on guard, they are more likely to use their physical size and voice as intimidation tactics, and are not inclined to bite first and ask questions later. That is the way it should be.

If you are afraid that your Rottie won’t protect you because she’s friendly, then you don’t need to worry. She obviously hasn’t felt any threat to you, or your home/family, if she does then she will act accordingly. Also do remember that at 18 months or so she’s still not fully mature, and her guardian instincts are still developing (along with the rest of her body).

Don’t every try to encourage your dog to be more aggressive or to fear other humans or dogs, that will confuse and frighten her and interfere with the natural development of her guardian abilities. Rottweilers rarely get a second chance or the benefit of the doubt, and if you try to encourage aggressive behavior she could well become unstable and unpredictable in her behavior which could lead to tragedy.

Just allow her to develop naturally and trust that the generations of breeding that have produced today’s Rottweilers has given her the strength, intelligence and abilities that she needs to be your friend and protector.

Hope this puts your mind at rest, I wish you the very best of luck with your dog.

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Jul 23, 2017


My Rotti is very lazy NEW
by: Tranquil

My rotti is very lazy these days he is 6.5 months old. And he always sleep. And he is not bark on any animal and people.And his back legs also not stable he won’t walk properly. Please help to make my Tiger storng heathy and dangreous

Jan 30, 2017


Rottweiler NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine is also very playful and 9 months old ,and I live in South Africa I need to trade this dog for a Pitt bull.My wife though loves the dog to bits and am also fond of it but I hate that it plays with everyone.

Jul 29, 2013


Managed Aggressio in Rotties NEW
by: RKR

I believe that the question of aggression is misunderstood. But I understand it. I ask the same question. I love having a Rottie that loves people and animals. But the other day someone broke into our home, while my daughter was upstairs. Praise God they did not get to my daughter. However, My Rottie did not even bark. I love the fact strangers can come up to her in the park and she is ready to play. I don’t want my Rottie to be mean but I do want her to posture herself in a protective mode when the family is at risk. So with this said is there a way she can be trained for this and not be confused? Will this instinct kick in when she gets older? She is 9 months old now. She has had formal obedience training to be a lady already; and that she is.

Jul 10, 2011


Don’t worry
by: Anonymous

My 9mth old 6st Reba is as soft as a bucket of custard and I wouldn’t have her any other way – people are amazed at her nature – I feel confident that if I were attacked or my home broken into – she would step up to the bar. I think you should have trust that your gorgeous guard breed is doing what’s their supposed to do.

Jun 21, 2011


are you serious?
by: Iva

what a way to ruin a rottweilers reputation!

Mar 21, 2011


by: Anne-Marie

ive read on this website more then once people writting in and asking how to get there rotts more aggressive.i shake my head everytime and dont understand it one bit.rottis are such amazing breads and its people like this that ruin there sickens me to think people want to change there dogs friendly behaviors into a aggresive one. You should trust that when there is danger she will sense it and her natural protective instincts will kick in.until then(heaven forbid) enjoy her playful friendly behavior, have fun with her and love her.and PLEASE!!! do not encourage aggresivness in any dog!

Mar 20, 2011


Dont think about aggression.
by: Joshua

Dude u shuld b happy 2 have such a nice dog, ask me about aggressive rottweiler , i was also like u wanted my female rottweiler to be more aggressive and made some stupid things to make the dog angry the dogs behavior changed, and attacked one of my Doberman, it was bloody and pain all over, no body wants to have a situation like that . seriously dude u will not like the rottie any more if anything happens like that, so be happy with ur rottie, surely she will defend to life if u or ur family is in danger.

Mar 20, 2011


Aggression is a NO NO
by: Lina

Why on earth do you want an aggressive dog. Peolpe like you give a Rottweiler a bad rap. Rottweilers are a calm and a confident dog, they will only protect if there is threat towards your family and property. In Australia, Sydney the laws is if your dog shows aggression and attacks with reason or without reason you pay a hefty fine go to jail up to 2 years and they put down your dog. And in most cases you are not allowed to own a dog for 2 years.

This type of behavour is not acceptable here unless you work with the police or in security company with a licence and the dog must be fully restrained.

But if your just a normal family with a dog and your dog is aggressive it is very dangerous for your family and for the community.

A Rottweiler is a beautiful breed why would you want to destroy it.

If i was you i would think twice because a Rottweiler in that way is like a Weapon/time bomb.

Your Just plain crazy!!!!

Mar 20, 2011


by: Anonymous

seriously!!! why?

Mar 20, 2011


by: Anonymous

I wonder what breeder sold the dog to this person. this is how Rotweilers and any other breeds get their bad reputation. Please think about it before you get a dog this is very a sad comment.

Mar 19, 2011


why aggresive?????
by: charlotte

I agree it is crazy to want your rottie to be agressive!!!! My 2 yr old male is protective of my family and would lay his life down for us. But he is not aggresive by any means…. PLEASE think about what it is that you are asking for..

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