My rottie pup, Duke, is a “talker”

Duke is 7 months old now and is very well behaved, but he “talks.” He growls, grunts, moans and makes all kinds of noises all of the time!

It isn’t aggressive growling, but a strange sort of communication. It freaks some people out, but it is truly harmless. Do you have any experience with this?

Absolutely! Rottweilers are well-known for this vocalizing… it’s actually just one of the things I love about this breed.

Not all Rotties do it, but most do to some extent. I think of it kind of like a cat purring, it’s just their way of showing appreciation, enjoyment and so on. It’s definitely not aggressive in any way, but people who aren’t familiar with the breed can be confused and worried by it.

Just enjoy it as part of Duke’s Rottie personality and explain to other people that he’s ‘purring’ 🙂

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Jul 13, 2011


by: Julie

Welcome to the Rottie world!!!. Yes they are great talkers, I have had 5 rotties and they have all “talked” and you are right it does freak people out. One of my rotties was extremely vocal when I came home from work, I’m sure that the neighbours thought I was mistreating her. My current rottie will “talk” if we have visitors and she is getting ignored, just like a child wanting attention, she does the same thing if she has put her ball into your lap and you ignore her. They are great fun!!!

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