My Fur Baby Kiah

by Ange
(Queensland, Australia)

This is my gorgeous fur baby Kiah, she was born on the 11th Sept 14.. She is so darn cute and cheeky and looks like she is always smiling. 🙂

So far we have had great success with training, she can sit, lay down, stay and shake hands and almost has the hang of potty training… She is due for her last vaccination in 2 weeks and the vet said we could still take her to the beach (just not on grass) WOW she LOVES it… she is a water baby that’s for sure.

We are however struggling with the ‘leave’ command and she thinks its either a game or she gets stroppy with us and seems to throw a bit of a tantrum, she gets ‘verbal’and throws herself on the ground when told ‘NO’ or ‘LEAVE’… As cute as it is now, i know its a behavior that is not acceptable… Do you have any recommendations?

Hi Ange. Kiah is gorgeous, what a sweetheart!

From what you say it sounds as though she’d going great overall, and the fussing when told ‘no’ or to ‘leave it’ is pretty normal.

She’s still quite young and her patience, attention span and self-control isn’t great yet. I’d simply recommend continuing what you are doing and just remain consistent and firm in correcting her and insist (gently, firmly yet lovingly) that she obey you.

Kiah is heading into the adolescent stage and this type of balking and testing the limits is going to be around for a while. Like any teenager she needs clear guidelines for behavior, and loving discipline to keep her on track. Dogs really NEED stability, continuity and a recognizable routine to feel secure, so stand firm. She will be better for it later on. Good luck with your pretty girl.
~ Sue

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