my first Rottweiler pup – she cries a lot at night

by Jessica

Hi, I just got my first Rottie. she’s 11 weeks old.

please help me she cries all night, what can I do?

Hi Jessica
That’s a cute little girl you’ve got there 🙂

It’s perfectly normal for a puppy to cry when left alone, in the wild she would die if she wasn’t right next to her pack – and you’re her pack now so she gets scared when she’s by herself.

Of course, she’s not in the wild, so she’s perfectly safe and she needs to learn that it’s okay to be by herself for short periods. The best thing to do is to ignore her crying and fussing as long as she doesn’t need a potty break and you know that she’s been fed and isn’t thirsty etc.

It’s difficult to ignore a pup who is howling I know, but it’s a battle of wills that you need to win. At night take her out for her last potty break, then put her in her crate with a couple of safe, sturdy toys, tell her goodnight and leave her. Don’t come back to soothe her, talk to her (even to reprimand her), make eye contact etc. Just ignore her.

Don’t ever take her out of her crate because she’s making a fuss (unless of course she needs to go potty, in which case take her out without any fuss and minimal interaction, then put her right back when she’s done her business). When you want to get her out for any reason, wait for a lull in the noise (at least 30 seconds or so) before getting her out. If she thinks making a noise will win her freedom she’ll keep doing it and get louder and more stubborn about it.

You can see my Puppy Crate Training page for more help with this.

Best of luck with that cutie.

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Dec 11, 2016


my rottweiler samantha NEW
by: Anonymous

Your advice was spot on true it takes patients but the en DC result is always the best thank you

Oct 13, 2016


my first rottweiler pup crying NEW
by: tav

hi guys i have a 7 weeks old rottweiler pup and she cries alot when left alone … when i have her in my arms petting her she gets very quiet until i put her back in her cage and leave her alone

Jun 10, 2016


10wk old pup NEW
by: Klewis

My pups name is Boomer n we live in Colorado w a swamp-cooler n fans goin, he seems to get hot a lot n has his dog bed n blanklet n his kennel, when he sleeps is that ok or is that too hot for him????

Jan 15, 2016


Rottie kept outside NEW
by: Rachel Schwartz

A Rottweiler is a precious beautiful animal and should never ever be kept outside for any reason. My Rottie that I just put down at 9.5 yrs of age was never outside except for exercise and taking care of his needs. They suffer from cold and heat ust like we do. He slept in a warm bed at night and was kept near me all day in the house. He went wherever I went his entire life. In the Summer, I air conditioned my house to make sure he wasn’t uncomfortable.

May 23, 2014


hoping for litter 3 Oct 2014? NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Jessica,
Isn’t a Rottweiler so much fun?
Quick to learn also, so don’t start anything you don’t want her to do later, ok.

Obedience is great, please get her to obedience if you can, Werribee Civic Obedience is Great but not sure where u are….
u can text me (Moreen on 0408 132 195)

Make sure she is getting 4 feeds a day,
as she grows please don’t 4get 2 increase her food intake!
Brisket bones, puppy milk, egg yokes (no whites)are a favourite for them!
Definately No cooked bones, no Onions & a good quality dry food,
eg:Black Hawk – my girl loves the potato & fish.
goodluck hope this helps you & yr puppy,
Cheers Moreen

At night when putting her to bed with warm bedding, nothing expensive as they rip & ruin it usually, but wrapp a ticking clock in an old towel & that ticking is like mum’s heart beat to a puppy,
Hoping this works for you, goodluck!

Jun 20, 2011


night time crying!
by: Iva

mine did the same the first night and it probably made it worse cause i had him outside and alone in the dark but then i ended up letting him in for a few nights (maybe a week) and having him sleep next to my bed on the floor then eventually i had him outside during the daytime and he started to love his kennel so then one day i placed a clock and my jumper in his kennel and a lamp infront of it and he slept like a baby the whole night outside in his kennel without crying at all, since then he’s been sleeping all through the night but i’ve still got the clock, my jumper and a lamp there till he gets a bit older. goodluck!

Apr 18, 2011


Same here
by: Michael

My rottie use to do the same thing alot when he was a pup, don’t worry your beautiful girl will stop over time.

Apr 18, 2011


by: Julie

Hi there, putting a ticking clock under blankets with your puppy can help, it simulates heart beats of litter mates, also a large cuddly toy sometimes help. I have used both for all my dogs and they have settled very well. Hope this helps. Good luck with your little girls, she looks lovely.

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