my 3 year old MALE rottweiler does not seem to want to mate, why?



My 3 year old MALE rottweiler does not seem to want to mate, why?

Hi Angela
Can’t say I’ve heard that before!

Male dogs are very sensitive to a female in season and generally know exactly when the timing is right. If you’re trying to set up a mating, it could be that you’re misjudging the timing.

Other than that, I really can’t give any advice as it’s not something I have any experience with. If you have a show quality dog who is definitely worth reproducing but has no interest, then I can only recommend discussing it with your vet. As perhaps there’s some underlying health issue that isn’t visible.

Good luck.

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Jul 26, 2011


Hi Angela
by: Jenny

That is very interesting.

We had a male and female for years and they never mated. As soon as she came in season, she would not let him anywhere near her. She was obviously just not that kinda girl. 😉 He soon lost all interest in her and they went year after year and never mated. He even got to the point where he did not even react to her being in heat.

I so hoped for a little puppy to continue the legacy but they decided differently.

Interesting tho is that she allowed our German Shepard to mount her, fortunately he was neutered. She used to get extremely upset with him for not being able to get on with the job. A friend of mine breeds rotties and she says that sometimes a particular male would refuse a certain female and visa versus. No chemistry?? Then some people are dumb enough to call them dumb animals! lol

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