Met a 4 month old Rottie to adopt. A bit shy in the beginning and then playful. Is that dangerous?

by Mannie


I just saw a 4 month Rottie available for adoption. The moment me and my three friends went into the house he was in, he saw us, and slowly followed us to the living room and tried to smell us. When I put my hand forward to pat him, he backed out a bit.

He then slowly started licking me, nipping on my fingers (which I ignored) and being a bit friendly. He was running around and being playful and coming to us, sometimes running away from us.

Basically he took 5 minutes to get comfortable with us strangers (didn’t show any aggression, but just shyness every now and then throughout my 1 – 1.5 hour visit).

I am just wondering, can that be a middle of the road pup, or a pup not that socialized?

Because the house that he stays in now just got him 5 days ago, and they can’t keep him because they lacked knowledge on how much time a pup needs. He got his hourly walks (half an hour in the morning and in the evening) every day and his family said that within a day or two, he was quite comfortable and ran up to them when they returned from work. (he would be left alone for 6 hours). But that is just for the past 5 days.

Out of the behavior I have stated, does that look like a nervous pup? Don’t know how much has he been socialized. Any advice would be helpful.


Hi Mannie. What you describe sounds like a puppy who has possibly not been socialized a whole lot but doesn’t seem to be particularly shy or nervous.

It’s totally normal for a pup to be cautious at first, especially if he’s not met many new people. There don’t seem to have been any signs of real fear and he’s adjusted well in the short time he’s been in his new home. It’s very sad that he can’t stay there but Rottweilers definitely need a lot of love and companionship as they don’t do well isolated and alone. They are very sensitive, loving dogs.

This poor puppy has had several changes in his short life and now needs a permanent home where he will be loved, understood, trained, socialized and raised as part of the family. From what you describe I don’t see that he would have any trouble settling down as long as he gets all of this – which he deserves.

Wishing you all good luck and a happy, loving permanent home for this boy.
~ Sue

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