large, brown spots in rottie’s ear

by Fiona
(Vancouver, BC)

My four-year old rottie, Lady, has medium to large size brown, slightly elevated brown spots on the underside of her ear, close to the inner ear.

She whimpers when she scratches at her ears. Please advise.

Hi Fiona
These scabs are very likely made worse by her scratching, and could be a result of an ear infection, allergies, or ear mites.

The only way to know for sure is to have her examined by your veterinarian so I’d recommend that you get her an appointment just as soon as you can.

They’re obviously bothering her and the sooner you get a diagnosis and treatment the better. Best of luck, hope she’s feeling much better soon.

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Aug 04, 2010


by: Anonymous

I took Lady to the vet and she does indeed have a skin infection. THankfully, it’s only in her ears. Apparently it can often appear in other areas of her body. I got an antibiotic cream for her and it should clear up in a week. Thanks for your feedback.

Jul 29, 2010


sounds important
by: samantha

I would have a vet look at it. it maybe a abcess, cyst or some other health issue. It is very important to get her seen before the problem escalates into something serious. She is most likely crying because it is causing her pain when she scatches the area. It is not normal for any dog to have elavated tissue behind their ears

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