Itching Rottie?

Ok, I have taken Harley our 3 yr old Rot to the Vet, I don’t know how many times. I have done endless research online to try to help him. He seems to have dry skin because there are flakes of dandruff on him. I have tried everything.

They vet always does the comb test & says he does not have fleas. But, how do I know it is not mange? The vet has never said one word about mange. Mange or just dry skin?

Rottweilers are a breed that are inclined to suffer from Canine Allergies and skin problems are one of the most common symptoms.

It could be an allergy to something like a shampoo or to a food ingredient, inhalant allergy or something similar. I think this is the most likely problem. As your dog doesn’t have fleas then the only other probably cause could be overbathing as Rotties have delicate skin and bathing too often, or using a medicated or unsuitable shampoo can also result in skin irritation.

Mange doesn’t usually result in just flaky, dry skin. In that situation you would likely also see a rash, or bare/bald spots developing. First on the face, head, muzzle or front legs and spreading to the rest of the body. If you do notice these symptoms then ask your vet for a skin scraping to be taken and tested for mites. However, it sounds as though your vet has examined Harley several times and if Mange was a possibility would likely have already tested for it.

Check out the link to the Canine Allergies page at the top of this posted reply for tips and advice on dealing with dog allergies and the resulting skin irritation.

Hope this helps, best of luck with Hugo.

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Dec 09, 2016


Itchy Rotty NEW
by: Gill

Had this problem for first few years and treating with shampoos .. steroids .. antibiotices etc .. no solution ….. eventually I decided to treat it as allergy and 1 antihistamine a day and 1 cod liver oil capsule … Hey Ho …. no more problems for the last 4 yrs … now in her 10th year glossy coat and full health

Aug 03, 2010


Our delicate flower
by: Anonymous

We have the same issue and we were told to open a fish oil pill and drizzle it over her food every day. Ours is allergic to any kind of bug bites, when she is bitten, she breaks out in a rash and we have to go through the antibiotic/steroid routine. She is such a delicate 100 pound flower…LOL !!! But we lover her

Jul 31, 2010


by: Anonymous

my rottie has the same problem, she was treated for mange of well. I use soap free shampoo product and only bath when really neccessary. other then that i just hose her off if she a bit dirty. but the dry skin remains but not as bad. My vet suggested putting a tea spoon of olive oil in her food.

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