Howling during the day all of a sudden??

We have had our rottweiler for a little over a month now (she is about 1.5), and we gradually increased her crate time during the day.

Our neighbours have told us she is quiet all the time. Today, we heard that she was howling during the day.

She gets plenty of exercise, so I’m wondering if you know of any other reason she would all of a sudden start howling while we are away?

Nothing in her environment has changed. Thanks!

It sounds as though your Rottie is showing a little separation anxiety. It’s actually a pretty common behavior and it could be that she’s feeling more closely bonded to you now and is more upset by being left alone than she was at first.

There are some simple things you can do to help her feel better about her alone time and hopefully prevent this from becoming a more persistent problem.

I’d recommend checking out this page… Separation Anxiety In Dogs as it has tons of tips and advice and links to other pages of info. that should help.

Good luck ~ Sue

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