how to get puppy ready for a new baby

by kim
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my 2 year old nephew an my puppy jezzy

my 2 year old nephew an my puppy jezzy

hi i have a 9 month old rottie he does very well with children i have a 12 year old, 7 year old and i babysit my 2 year old nephew (he’s the 1 in the pic wit my rottie.) but i’m currently 5 an a half months pregnant an i’m wondering if u could give me any advice on how 2 get my rottie (jezzy) ready for the new addition to the family.

i have asked you a few questions before an you have given me some really good advice so im hoping you can help me out again and any one with any comments on this subject please feel free to post any advice you my have.

thank you so much for your time and your advice.

Hi Kim
It sounds as though Jezzy is very well socialized with children, and has a good idea of what they are…. dogs who haven’t been raised around kids sometimes don’t, and this can lead to problems which need to be addressed.

Obviously you shouldn’t leave Jezzy alone with a young baby, or with any small child, unattended as there are all sorts of risks involved with that, mainly accidents that could happen rather than something intentional though.

Introduce Jezzy to your new baby as soon as you bring him/her home, and allow her to sniff the baby and get used to the noises, movements etc. As she’s been around toddlers, I doubt she’ll have any trouble recognizing an infant as a human ‘puppy’, and will treat it gently and with love. Once the baby has been in your home for a short while it will get the ‘scent’ of your family and I really don’t forsee any problems.

Obviously if issues do arise then you will need to seek help right away to make sure that they get dealt with early. However, just be confident in Jezzys’ temperament and intelligence, be patient and loving and watch them carefully and all should be fine.

If anyone has comments or additions they’d like to make, please feel free to help kim out. Thanks 🙂

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Dec 04, 2010


puppy and new baby
by: Julie

Hi there, love the photo, I have found that rotties, especially females almost become nannies to very young. All my rotties have been very good with my youngsters. The advice given is very good just let you dog sniff the baby and whatever you do do not push your dog into the background, that will only cause jeolousy from the dog. let your dog become part of the baby’s life also. Good luck.

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