How often to bathe a Rottweiler puppy??

by Laura

Hi. We have a 3 month old female rottweiler. She spends most of the day outside and we let her in at night. How often can we bathe her?

Also, she stays outside most of the day because we are having serious problems housebreaking her. She will go outside but the minute we bring her in she goes to the bathroom somewhere. I have tried to rub her nose in it and praise her when she does go outside but none of it seems to work.

We want her to be in the house more because in the winter it gets very cold and snows a lot. We love her dearly and really need some help.

Thank you so much and we hope to hear from you soon. Love your website!!!

Hi Laura
I’ll answer your second question first as I think it’s the crux of the matter….

Housebreaking takes a lot of time, patience and effort (on the part of the pup and the owner!) and keeping her outside is likely making the whole process more difficult because she isn’t getting the continuous training that she needs.

The keys to potty training a pup are using a crate to contain her while you can’t supervise and to help her learn to control her bladder/bowels AND constant supervision and the right type of correction if she does make a mistake… and that will happen, I’ve never had a pup who didn’t mess indoors from time to time during this stage.

Rubbing her nose in it is NOT the way to go! A firm verbal correction and getting her outside right away to finish up is what is needed – and only if you actually catch her in the act (that’s where the constant, and close, supervision comes into play). If you don’t tell her off at the exact moment she’s peeing or pooping she simply won’t understand.

Pups aren’t born knowing that they can’t do their business indoors, our whole houses seem perfectly acceptable toilets to them. It’s up to the owners to show the pup consistently and patiently what’s expected of them. My Housebreaking A Puppy and Puppy Crate Training pages have all the tips, advice and info. you need to train her.

Rotties are very intelligent, and very eager to please, once your little girl fully understands what you want from her she will do her best to comply. It just takes time. Sometimes new owners expect a pup to ‘get it’ within a couple of weeks, and that’s unrealistic I’m afraid. In general, a pup who’s been properly, and consistently, housetrained will be fairly reliable by 6 months of age (without constant supervision), but all pups are different and some are faster to learn, others slower.

I’d recommend using a crate and bringing your girl indoors so that you can get this taken care of now while she’s still young.

As for bathing her, I wouldn’t recommend doing this more than once a month – at most. Rotties tend to be a bit allergy prone and they have sensitive skin. Overbathing can dry it out and cause flaking and irritation. Make sure that you only use a very gentle shampoo (an oatmeal shampoo or hypoallergenic formula is best) and dry her thoroughly.

Once you get the housebreaking under control you will be able to keep her indoors more and she will need less bathing!

I’m happy that you’re enjoying my website and hope this information helps you. Best of luck with your pup 🙂

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Aug 05, 2017


Body ofor NEW
by: Anonymous

Iwe have a 10 week old puppy but he always smell like urine. I know that we can’t bathe him too often but I can’t stand the smell….I think that he pees overnight in his cage even though he gets walked often

Jan 29, 2016


potty train. NEW
by: bigboyrockytherott

Hello I am here to give my story. I resently got a rottweiler puppy and I had done some research before hand so I knew the potty training would be a chore. First off I went and bought the biggest create they had at the pet store because he will outgrow the little ones. Cost was $65 well worth it. The first 24 hours was the worst he would potty outside then come right back in and potty inside as well it got very frustrating. Night time came the first night and he was able to hold it in his create all night a full 8 hours so I knew he could hold it. The next few days I fallows him in the house and always kept a eye on him so as soon as he would start to potty I would swoop him up and take him outside saying bad boy in a low tone. All in all him holding it all night then getting let out every morning is alowed him to grasp the concept of I got to hold it and go out side. It took a few weeks for me to quit finding surprises. And make sure u follow them outside with treats and wait till they potty then give them a treat I did it every time for a couple weeks it helps. My dog now goes to the back door and sits and let’s me know he needs to go outside.

Sep 28, 2013


bathing NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 1 month old rottweiler, is it ok to give him a bath now because he is stinky

May 24, 2011


by: Anonymous

I have just started doing all this potty and crate training with an 8 week old puppy. It’s hard but already we have made progress in the 24 hours that we have had her home. I think part of my issue was my puppy smelling the previous owner’s dog in the house we just bought. I shampooed all the carpets and could still smell the previous dog. Today I sprayed all the carpets with vinegar water and we haven’t had an accident indoors all afternoon and evening.

May 02, 2011


re: pics
by: Judy

@Laura what is her name and will you be posting some pics of her? thanks I love to see other puppy pics..

May 02, 2011


potty training
by: Judy

Hi Laura,I also have a 4 month old female.We have been lucky with potty training and Angel now holds it all night.Know that it’s just around the corner for you also.I always had paper down in the bathroom and during the day I would take it up.I started taking her outside and as soon as she went peepits(pee) I would get all excited with her and tell her -let’s go get a treat you good girl you had a peepits- and give her a treat.After every meal we would do the same for poopits only I first called it a -shit-and repeated poopits after shit..I know this sound crazy to be calling it a shit but it worked for me and I will slowly call it only poopits.. When I did catch her peeing inside during the day I pointed her nose to the paper but NEVER touched it to the urine and would tell her–peepits outside–and carry her out into the yard.I also took her outside every 2 hours and said “go peepits” just to encourage her to go and avoid accidents inside,then would get excited with her and give her a treat..I just kept walking in the yard till she peed and then got excited and brought her in for a treat.I made sure she had a different flavor for treats then I did food.It’s amazing how quick they learn expecially when you talk to them like humans.She now goes to the bathroom at 8pm and can hold it till 7am..Good luck with your girl and just be patient…remember at this age they are really like a 2-3 year old child and we know what they can be in there as it’s just around the corner for yours to take the next step and start going outside.Hope this helps…

May 02, 2011


by: Si

Hi, It took us about 5 months before our baby realised that she needed to go outside of the house. We had the same problems but in time she will realise and things will get better. Be patient it will happen.

Good Luck.

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