Hearing and identifing sounds

by Jagadish

I just got a rottweiler, which is just 5 weeks old.

I started calling by it’s name and shout at it but i see it doesn’t even care my voice or look at me/direction i am calling from.

So wanted to find out at what age the pups start recognizing sounds?

Hi Jagadish
At 5 weeks old your Rottweiler puppy is a tiny, tiny baby and shouldn’t even have left his momma yet!

Puppies should stay with their mom (and it’s perfectly normal for her not to be nursing them at this age, but that doesn’t mean that they are ready to leave) until they’re at least 8 weeks old.

If possible, I would recommend that you take this pup back to his canine family and leave him there for 3 more weeks, so that he can get all the benefits (both physical and emotional) of being with his ‘pack’ for a bit longer.

If that isn’t possible you are going to need to realize that he’s a tiny infant, and it’s much too early to expect anything from him in terms of training – whether that’s housebreaking or obedience, even name recognition.

Puppies ears open at around 3 weeks of age, and they gradually hear better and better as they develop and grow. But for now, you calling his name means nothing to him, he’s much too young to make that type of association, and he has an attention span of seconds rather than minutes and no bladder/bowel control.

He needs the right diet, lots of rest and sleep, protection from illness or disease and a whole lot of love. Give him these things for the next month or so before you begin to expect anything from him.

Of course he will continue to need all the above after he’s reached 8 or 9 weeks old, but you will then be able to begin some elementary training too – and loving, gentle discipline will begi.

I’d strongly suggest that you read my Taking Care Of A Puppy page as it has lots of tips and advice to help you.

Right now just give your puppy lots of love and be patient while he begins to grow.

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Aug 03, 2011

by: Judy

I would also agree with Sue. If you can take “IT” back for a few more weeks she and you will both benefit from it.When you say your calling “IT” by it’s name is it a male or female? I hope you know ALOT about this breed as they need special love..It’s fine if you don”t but that just means YOU need to start learning about them NOW.I wish you well with your new puppy and hope you are able to raise a good dog as they can be a liability otherwise.And PLEASE do not yell at them expecially when they are so young.Dogs of any breed should NOT be yelled at as that will not help.Be patient,kind and full of love and you will get it back in return..It also helps to get on your hands and knees to their level and clap your hands and call their name..Always have a happy voice and reward them when they come with a piece of treat..Good luck

Aug 03, 2011

by: Andrea L

I can tell you I brought my lil girl home @6 weeks. I’m not sayin it’s right but it did happen. I did make I had a stuffed animal with Mamas smell on it. She is 12 weeks on Sunday & still sleeps w/ that stuff animal (pillow pet). Gemini did not get her name down pat til 10-11 weeks. Please stop yelling at your lil one!! You will only frustrate yourself & scare it. Keep your lil one warm!! Hold it close to form that bond. Gemini still crawls in my lap nightly. (I know I’m in trouble when she hits 100 lbs) Gemini was being fed pedigree canned food w/ a few pieces of hard food thrown in. When I got her to the vet, the vet said if she can eat the solid food, just switch over. You have to remember those baby teeth may still be growing. See your vet soon! Good Luck!

Aug 03, 2011

far to young
by: Anonymous

5week old and away from its mother i so agree take it back my god far far to young

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