Head and Snout

by Kari Costanza
(Brighton, Michigan)

I’ve wanted a Rottweiler for 4 years now (was waiting for my toddlers to get a little older). I’ve been researching a great deal the last 6 months, but have so much to learn!

The question I have is, I actually prefer the narrow snout that most seem to dislike. It’s by far not a priority or even near the top of my list in choosing a dog. But I’m still wondering if it’s possible to find a Rottweiler with that look from a reputable breeder (health is my number 1 priority).

Most seem to “market” the huge head and many say that they breed for that look. Any advice you can provide is helpful. Thanks!

Hi Kari</B.
You obviously have your priorities right in terms of what you’re looking for… health should always be number one, both physically and mentally.

The ‘Look’ is a very subjective thing in any breed and there is no one ideal representative of any breed either. Most owners/breeders have a slightly different interpretation of what is best.

Conformation is important because reputable breeders want to maintain the correct structure of the Rottweiler and head size is just one component in that. The large, blocky head is one of the most obvious characteristics of this breed and is considered to be preferable because of the breeds origins (the mastiff/molosser breeds) . However, it’s by no means the only thing that matters!

If you prefer the slightly longer, narrower muzzle then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find that ‘look’ at a reputable breeders/kennel, but it may take more time and more research. Bloodlines are everything when it comes to how a dog looks, so it’s important to find a litter whose parents (or at least one of them) has the look you’re interested in. Then research the pedigree and look at photos of the grandparents and great grandparents if possible so that you can see whether or not the muzzle characteristics are reasonably consistent.

Also look at the previous progeny of any breeding pair that you’re interested in, all of that will give you a really good idea of how future puppies will turn out.

Of course, remember that you’re looking for the whole package here, not just looks and health but temperament as well. look for dogs who have some type of working titles, compete in activities of one sort or another, or at the very least are social and confident. There’s no point in getting the right ‘look’ if the temperament is poor!

Choosing a breeder and litter is always a challenge no matter what you’re looking for, but time and research are the keys. Just be sure that any breeder you choose has had all necessary health tests done on his/her dogs.

You’re taking the right approach to this, and with a bit more time and patience I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pup. Good luck.

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Nov 13, 2011

its not what we want ! its what the breed must be NEW
by: Girish

its not about what we prefer to see

speed, stamina and longer snout – consider doberman or GSD
friendly adorable – consider golden retriever or lab

powerful – consider bullmastiff or pit bull

a balanced combination of speed, stamina, power and friendliness – Consider Rottweiler 🙂

either by wrong breeding or not understanding the importance of standard for the breed as it really get related to working ability, functions and health of the breed

neither short muzzle like a bullmastiff nor a long muzzle like doberman suit the actuall physical requirement of a Rottweiler breed.

This breed is the most balanced breed, and already suffering from the irrespeonsible breeders who are spoiiling the standards experimenting

its more easy to find long snout rottweilers which more look like a Doberman with any irresponsible breeders or pet shop , puppy mills etc.

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