hair problem in my rottie

by devender

Hi! My name is dev.
I have a rottweiler female. She is 11 months old and her height is 22 inches.Is it fine?

But she has a problem in hairs. Her hair is turning white color in her full body. And it has hygroma problem in his hand also. Doctors said her body need zinc.

What should i do? Please help me.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Dev
You can check out my Rottweiler Breed Standard for more information on the optimum weight/height for adult Rottweilers – according to both the AKC and ADRK breed standards.

An adult female should ideally be be between 22 and 25 inches in height (at the withers) and as your pup is now 11 months old she’s probably pretty much on track. She will reach her full height a while before she reaches her full weight.

As for the white hairs in her coat, I’m not a veterinarian and your vet is obviously the expert (or should be) but I’m not aware of coat color changes (or hygromas) being due to a zinc deficiency. Normally signs of this would include hair loss, scaly skin around the eyes, nose on the pads and maybe on the legs/body as well, plus a dull and lifeless coat. If she’s being fed a high quality diet there’s no reason for her to need additional zinc that I can see.

The hygroma is probably caused by her sleeping on a hard surface and the resulting pressure on her joints causes either a hygroma or a callus. This is common in large and giant breeds who spend a lot of time on a hard surface, and is usually seen on the elbows. Giving her a more comfortable place to sleep, or encouraging her to use her dog bed rather than the tile floor is the best thing to do. If the hygroma becomes very large or infected your veterinarian can treat it for her.

If her coat is turning white all over her body, and her nails/paws/nose are also turning white it could be that she has a condition called Vitiligo. It’s pretty rare in Rottweilers but can happen and it may be a genetic or hereditary problem. There’s not a lot of documentation or research to study on this but it seems that it can be triggered, or at least made worse, but injury, stress or illness. It’s a loss of skin pigmentation and as far as I know there’s no real ‘cure’.

Copper supplementation and other vitamins may help, but it’s important to discuss this with your vet as too much of anything can be dangerous, including vitamins. Although it doesn’t look very pretty, generally Vitiligo isn’t dangerous to a dog’s overall health and hopefully your girl is healthy otherwise.

Of course, it could be another condition entirely, but only your vet can really make an accurate diagnosis.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your dog

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