gray markings on rottie pups neck

by john green

My six.month male rottie has gray markings on both sides of his neck, hope this will go away when he gets older or is it a fault?

Whether or not it’s a fault according to the ,a rhef=”/rottweiler-breed-standard.html”>Rottweiler Breed Standard really depends on how big the area of gray is and whether it’s actually a change of color on the top coat, or simply undercoat showing through.

Rottweilers can have a gray or rust undercoat and depending on the thickness and texture of the top coat it sometimes shows through particularly around the ears, neck and on the rear. Some bloodlines are more prone to this than others.

Also, depending on the season the undercoat can be thicker at times. Right now with the colder weather coming in, the top coat and undercoat is getting thicker and could make this more noticeable.

As your pup is still young this could change as he matures, and obviously may be less noticeable in the spring/summer months. Unless you have a ‘show potential’ puppy and are planning on showing him I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Just enjoy him for all his other wonderful attributes :o)

Best of luck with your pup.

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