Figuring out age. etc

Long story short, I am adopting a dog from the pound.

Any tips on assessing age? They think she is about 1yr old. She does have all her adult teeth. MY only other concern is her top or back-line is slightly arched up…could this mean she may still have some lengthening out to do?(maybe just poor breeding) Either way I want her as a pet not to show or breed.

I included some pics, unfortunately when me and the family went back to do the out-of-cage-meet-and-greet I did not have my camera with me. So I do not have a picture of her back when she is standing

Her marking are more mahogany than they appear in the pictures.

Thank you in advance for any info insight you can provide.

Hi Andy
It’s very tricky to assess age from a photo, but I’d guess she’s somewhere between one and two years old, most likely between 14 and 18 months – but that is a guess only!

She looks well-built and healthy, and if she’s got a good temperament I wouldn’t worry too much about her age, or her conformation. As you are looking for a pet, it won’t matter whether she has a slight roach-back (upward curve), or anything else as long as it doesn’t affect her health.

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs, and there are too many of them in need of permanent, loving homes, so if you think this is the dog for you… go for it. She’ll make a fantastic addition to your family I’m sure and I wish you the best of luck.

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