feeding large rottweiler

by Lynda Corbell
(Mineral Springs, AR USA)

How often and how much do you need to feed a rottweiler that is 2 years old and weighs about 110?

Hi Lynda
At 2 years old your Rottie is almost fully grown and his appetite has probably slowed down somewhat…. but some dogs are just ‘chow-hounds’ so that’s not always the case!

Generally as long as a dog isn’t overweight (your vet can tell you if your dog is underweight/right on target/overweight) I allow them to eat as much as they want. BUT I don’t free feed (basically leaving a food bowl down all day) and just I feed them once a day only at this age. Most dogs will eat what they need.

The higher quality foods are much more dense in terms of nutritional value and therefore a dog needs to eat less of a premium food to feel satisfied, and to get the nutrition he needs. This also cuts down on waste products which come out the other end!

Rottweilers are big, heavy dogs but 110lbs is an average weight for a young adult, if he has a big frame and heavy bones he may add another 10lbs before he’s finished growing. However, you do want to keep him on the ‘lean’ side rather than carrying too much weigh as that can adversely affect his bones/joints. Have your vet check him out so that you know whether he’s about where he should be in terms of weight for his size.

Exercise is also important to help build muscles and prevent excess weight. Don’t overdo it though as dogs don’t need to diet and exercise to lose weight! Just make sure he has at least two daily walks or active play sessions each day.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dog.

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