Falling and Running into things 7 week pup

by Terra

Jake and my son :]

Jake and my son :]

I am not sure how they are supposed to look, but when he runs he almost hops in a way, and his hind legs seem weak my mate noticed. He isn’t sure if this is paranoia or what.

He the puppy jake falls down occasionally for apparently no reason, and is constantly running into things.

I know kids do this when they are awkward and growing and their depth perception is not fully developed.

He does not whine when the hips are touched or prodded, and doesn’t whine at all. He goes up the stairs fine.

If we become more concerned we will be taking him to the vet sooner. His next shots are 6-3-11, and I plan to have him looked at then.

I would like your take on this… it would be much appreciated. :]

Hi Terra
Rottie pups are notoriously clumsy, often run into things (sometimes head-first!) and can fall over without any help at all.

Most puppies of 7 weeks will run a little oddly, perhaps hopping, or kicking out their legs, or even sideways. It’s usually totally normal. At this age you’d be unlikely to see any symptoms of hip problems unless they were extremely severe so I personally doubt your pup has issues in this area.

However it’s definitely a good idea to mention your concerns to your vet and have him manipulate his hips at your pups check up. If for no other reason that to put your minds at rest. Chances are good that what you’re seeing is normal puppy movement and behavior.

Rottweiler pups grow and develop quickly at first and then in ‘fits and starts’, and are slow to mature. It’s always good to know what to expect, and how to help prevent problems so I’d recommend checking out my Rottweiler Puppy Growth Chart page as it has lots of info. you will find useful.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your little guy(s)!

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