do rottweilers grow after infected with parvo

by chotu

my dog is of 9 and half months and last week got parvo now he is safe, but now i am worried about his growth..

Hi Ajay
It’s unusual for a fully vaccinated pup of 9 months old to get Parvo, but it is possible. I’m glad to hear that he’s now doing well though.

As for growth, yes a puppy who has recovered from Parvo will continue to grow and develop normally in most cases.

Obviously there area few weeks (sometimes as long as a couple of months if the puppy was very young, or very sick) of recovery where the pup will be thin, tired and in poor condition, but that disappears given time, rest and a good nutritious diet.

Just make sure your Rottie eats well and gets plenty of rest and he should be just fine, in terms of growth and everything else. Good luck

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Nov 25, 2014

parvo NEW
by: Anonymous

my mother had a rott pup that got parvo. it was so sad the pup was litterally on deaths door step but my mom fought as hard as the pup did she had to give him iv’s all day long give him med shot multiple times a day and clean up after him before parvo i think he weighed around 30-40 lbs and at the worst part of this ordeal he was only around 10-15lbs or less he really was skin and bone it was so sad watching him go through this but he didnt give up and neither did my mom he finally got better and he grew fast a year later he weighed roughly 65lbs and doing great running and playing with the other dogs but sadly we lived in a really bad neighborhood and one day he was in the fenced in yard and someone stole him his name was dakota we never did find and my mom was heartbroken.

Aug 05, 2012

Canine Parvovirus NEW
by: Anonymous

Just been informed that our Rottweiler has contracted Parvovirus, he has been fully vacinated to now and we are stunned by this as we thought this could not be possible, he is now been hospitalized at the vet clinic, does anybody know what his chances are of pulling through, he is 9 months old would welcome any advice.

Feb 14, 2012

yes they do NEW
by: Julie

Hi my first rottie, Sasha, got parvo at four months, after she had had all her injections, the vet was convinced it was a bad batch. Sasha survived for 9 years years and grew to be a 50kg dog (a bit overweight I know) and a very loving dog, but unfortunately she died in 1997 of bone cancer, but at least I had her for 9 wonderful years. Good luck with your pup.

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