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This directory is an area of the site which will be growing over the next several months, currently it features kennel listings from the USA, Canada and India.

Here are just a few of the reasons why listing your breeding program here will help you get the positive exposure you need and make sure your pups go to the right kind of homes with people who love and understand this breed:

  • One of the most popular, and fastest-growing, Rottweiler websites online today
  • Just under 20,000 new visitors every month 
  • Over 130,000 page-views per month
  • An interactive community of visitors who are knowledgeable and passionate about this breed
  • An active Facebook community of over 2000 visitors (increasing on a daily basis)

All of this puts us firmly in the ‘winners circle’ when it comes to traffic!

What’s more,  my visitors are truly interested in the wonderful Rottweiler breed, and have taken the time to do their research and look for reputable, responsible breeders…. breeders just like you!

Now that’s a win-win situation for everyone because it benefits you, the potential owners, AND the dogs themselves.

So, don’t miss out, add your listing today – scroll down for more info…..


How To List Your Kennel

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This is an example of how your listing might look….

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To see actual listings that are active today, check out my Rottweiler Breeders Directory USA – Part 1

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That’s it! So easy, that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be listed here 🙂

Another Way To Help New Rottweiler Owners….

Responsible breeders care about what happens to their puppies and I know that you follow up with your pup’s new owners and are available for them when help is needed.

But sometimes people hesitate to contact their breeder for one reason or another, or they ask friends/relatives/other Rottie owners for advice (not always the best option), and of course they go online to find information and help.

I’ve built this site in an effort to share my love, knowledge and experience with this awesome breed and to help dispel some of the negative myths that surround it.

I try every day to help owners who don’t understand the pup they’ve bought, or who bring ‘baggage’ to the relationship that they didn’t even realize they were carrying… and which can negatively impact interaction with their pup/dog.

If you’re advertising your kennel on my website then you obviously feel that it has merit and is a relevant resource for owners. So please could you help me reach out even further by linking back to my website from yours?

By working together in this way everyone wins… including (and especially) our dogs! Thank you.

Simply copy & paste the code below to your website…..


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The ultimate Rottweiler owners resource. This user friendly guide to the wonderful Rottweiler dog has lots of free information, tips and advice for new owners and dog lovers. Rottweiler facts, breed history, Rottweiler behavior, canine health issues, feeding puppies, dog training and much more




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