breeding my Rottweiler bitch

I have a rottweiler bitch who will be 5 yrs old in dec 2010. She is due to come into season soon, she is at her ideal weight and size and has had full health check with no problems.

I would like to know whether i would be able to breed her for the first time or is it now too late?

In my opinion it’s not too late to breed your female, but the bigger question is whether you should breed her and why you want to.

There are certain criteria that should be met before any dog is bred, and a lot of things to consider. There are way too many unwanted puppies and dogs in the world, and there should be a really good reason for adding another half a dozen or more to the pot.

If your dog is a show dog, is an ideal specimen of the breed, has had her hips either OFA or PennHIP rated (to make sure that she doesn’t have a degree of hip dysplasia), and you have new homes lined up for at least several of the puppies and want to keep one for yourself, then there’s reason to go ahead. If not, you may want to re-think this.

There’s a very well written article that I think will help you to make an informed decision and you can find it here…. Thinking about breeding your Rottweiler?

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide.

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