Bathing my Rottweiler puppy weekly to reduce shedding?

by Arun


I have a 10 month old male rottweiler puppy. Is it ok to give him a bath once in a week? He is shedding heavily and one of my friends told me that you should not bath him every week. I know rotties are heavy shedders, but is it true that shedding and bath are related?

Even though he is shedding, you won’t be able to find any hair loss on him. He is still shining 🙂


Hi Arun
Rottweilers definitely are ‘shedders’, it’s surprising how much hair even a groomed Rottie can find to throw around!

I wouldn’t advise bathing him every week though I’m afraid. Rottweilers have sensitive skin and can be prone to over-dryness and allergic reactions to chemicals, scents, additives and so on in shampoos. I really can’t say that over-bathing will make him lose more hair, but it could certainly affect his skin.

Although they pretty much shed all year, generally the loss of coat is much greater during the main change-over in seasons and when the weather is very hot. So this may be playing a role.

You can buy food supplements that are supposed to reduce shedding, and there are special shampoos that claim to help too. I’ve not tried them myself yet so can’t say if they really work, but if you want it may be worth a try.

But in my opinion a good daily grooming is still your best bet. If you don’t already own a FURminator De-Shedding Tool I’d strongly recommend getting one! I use this on all my dogs and you wouldn’t believe how much hair it removes.

Have to tell you that your pup looks in great shape, he’s beautiful! Hope this all helps, good luck.

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