Barking at strangers

by Audrey

My Girl at 6 months.

My Girl at 6 months.

Hi, I’ve written to you before and it’s been very helpful, I also read all questions from others. I haven’t really seen anything on this subject yet, so here goes.

I have a female rottie that is now 11 months old. For the past month she has started to bark at pretty much any stranger, car, leaf and now snow that she can see go by the window. Especially the neighbor next door in his yard. We have been diligent in teaching her “no bark” and moving her from the window but she quite persistent.

She doesn’t bark at people coming in the house or leaving the house, and is very friendly and socialized – she just goes crazy when people are outside the house. Any suggestions you have to stop this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Audrey
I’m happy to hear that I’ve been able to help before and that you’ve found my website to be useful as you raise your Rottweiler – that makes all the work worthwhile 🙂

As for this barking behavior, it’s normal at this age (your pup is now an adolescent) for the guarding instincts to be appearing and it’s also normal for the pup to be confused by them, and not quite sure what’s expected or how to behave! Your pup feels that strangers outdoors (and even the stray leaf or snowflake) could be a threat to her family so she thinks it necessary to warn them to be careful.

The fact that she readily accepts people into your home is great because it shows that she doesn’t see people in general as a threat in most situations. Continue to socialize her on a regular basis, correct her barking at the window consistently, and just be patient with her. She’s still very young and this will improve as she gets more mature and in control of her impulses.

No-bark collars are an option in extreme circumstances, but if possible I would advise just giving her time and consistent correction and letting her ‘grow out of’ this phase.

Hope this helps, best of luck with that cute girl.

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Mar 03, 2011


barking at strangers
by: Anonymous

I would advise again Grish’s advice, as patting her while she’s doing something that you don’t want her to do would in fact be rewarding her for that behaviour….

Dec 08, 2010


develop confidence
by: Girish

I will suggest instead of taking her away from window at that time, you need to stand there with her. pat her and show confidence there is no problem with things moving outside window.

let her watch people and things moving with you standing beside her and develop that security and confidence of nothing happening as threat for her family.

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