Am I stressing my rotties hips???

by Charlotte



Hello Sue,
It is Charlotte yet again…Thank the heavens for your site and the work you do for this breed!!!
As you know i wipe my 2 yr old rottie’s paws everytime he comes in the house, recently I have noticed when I’m wiping the back paws the leg that he has his weight on begins to shake. He has never had problems with his hips I am just concerned that this may be putting to much stress on them.
I have white carpet in my home so wiping his paws is a must! I went out and bought him the boots at pet smart but he hates them! So I only use them when it’s really bad outside. Would it be better for him if I have him lay down to wipe his paws or am I just being a over protective “mamma”? Zues is kinda like my therapy dog he can bring a smile to my face no matter how bad my day has been.. So I want to make sure he is as happy as he makes me..

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can give me…

P.S. thank you for the pronged collar suggestion working out well!!

Hi Charlotte
I’m glad my suggestions are helping you and Zues, that’s what my site is all about 🙂

It could be that redistribution of his weight when you wipe his paws is causing him to be off-balance and the shaking is simply his muscles trying to compensate. If he hasn’t shown any signs of hip problems (see my Canine Hip Dysplasia – Causes and Prevention page for more on this), then I wouldn’t worry too much about damaging his hips, but obviously it pays to be careful and proactive.

It probably would be a good idea to minimize this strain as much as possible, so having him lie down and roll over so you can clean his paws would be a good idea. Our dogs seem to do that automatically (I think they just want belly rubs really!).

I can imagine he hates his boots, I’ve yet to find a dog who thinks that canine footwear is acceptable under any circumstances :o) Zues is looking wonderful and I’m sure he’ll be enjoying his outings more now that the weather is getting better. Hope this helps, have fun.

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Mar 25, 2011


Prong Collar …
by: Anonymous


Zues is beautiful (it comes with the breed :)!

A comment on the prong collar … My husband is a dog trainer and we have just started a non-profit Rescue organization of our own, after working with other groups for many, many years.

Many individuals think that the prong is terrible looking and inhumane. Actually, it is a life saver for a woman with a Rott. My first Rott with her big frame and later weight, almost disjointed my shoulder on walks. One trip down the lane with the prong and each time thereafter she would immediately calm down when the collar was put on.

It does not hurt them, put it on your own arm and see the relative light pressure.

Each Rott is worth it.

Annie in WA’s Rott’n Mom

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