about my rottweiler front legs


by anu

my rottweiler is now 5 months old but when he was 1 and half months old one days he showed a sign of pain in front legs which lasted for 10-12 days.

i contacted my vet doctor, they took out the x ray and all that but it was all fine. after 10-12 days he started walking properly but i still finds him shaking his front leg some time can you suggest me plz……..

Hi Anu
Rottweilers are large, heavy dogs and when they’re puppies and adolescents, their growth can be very rapid…. and sometimes erratic.

This means that they do have a tendency to develop ‘growing pains’ and suffer from temporary bouts of stiffness or pain, even limping, which is usually self-limiting and gets better without treatment. Obviously there are also serious bone/joint issues such as hip dysplasia, or cruciate-ligament tears and so on.

It sounds to me as though your pup may be experiencing bouts of Panosteitis, which involves inflammation of the bones in young and growing pups. It can cause limping, pain and even occasionally loss of appetite or a low grade fever.

Luckily, it’s not a condition that causes long-term problems and most pups ‘outgrow’ Pano as they mature. However, in severe or long-lasting cases a vet may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and it’s advisable to limit activity for your pup when he’s in pain or limping.

Of course, I’m not a vet and I can’t say for sure what’s causing his symptoms, so if you’re concerned I’d recommend taking your pup back to your veterinarian for another check up. If X-rays and exam show no signs of injury or serious disease then I expect your pup will recover given time.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your pup.

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Mar 14, 2016


Rottweiler puppy legs shaking and shivering NEW
by: Disha

My Rottweiler puppy Whoppee is 2 months old.since two days her legs have been shaking a lot and she is loosing her balance and falls.I have taken her to multiple vets..but none of them are sure about her condition. PLEASE HELP!

Sep 01, 2015


My rotti got front leg pain NEW
by: Dane

My pup is almost 6 months and been limping for about a month now and when I walk him shows signs of pain or discomfort but when I feel his legs he shows no signs of pain and at least twice a day gets super hyper runs around like a crazy dog and seems like nothing’s wrong im super confused by it

Sep 15, 2012


rottweiler puppy having pain in front leg NEW
by: nitesh

thnks 4 t comment….i was quite worried bout its pain…

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