About food

by Arun
(Kerala, India)

I found this dog food in the market. I would like to know your opinion about this. http://www.pedigree.in/

As I am new to dog food,please advice me. I have a 6 months old rottweiler.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Arun
Pedigree foods are not a premium brand, and when I looked at the link you gave me I wasn’t able to find a detailed ingredient list for these foods so can’t comment on the exact ingredients. Feeding puppies correctly plays an important role in their future development and health, and large breed pups have very specific nutritional requirements.

I do know that in some areas and countries it is more difficult to find a range of premium dog foods than it is here in the USA. I’d recommend you take a look at this webpage… Feed Program For Overseas as it gives info. on what foods are available in certain countries, plus advice on home-made dog food alternatives.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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