6 week old rottweiler puppy limping for the last 2 weeks

Pup started limping about 2 weeks ago, took him to the vet last week, took x-rays of both legs fronteverything look good. she gave me a anti inflammatory and said to give it to him for a week.

She also notice 1 paw bigger than other,and said it was swollen.

Now the paw that’s smaller is the one he can’t put weight on. she thought the bigger paw was the problem but it’s the smaller paw.

any ideas?

I wish that I was a veterinarian as I get so many questions on a daily basis that are outside of my personal knowledge – and this is one of them I’m afraid.

I can really only recommend that you take your puppy back to your veterinarian and explain that he’s not doing better even with the medication, and that it’s the smaller paw that seems to be the problem. Your vet needs to take another look and figure out what’s going on.

In large breed puppies, Panosteitis is the most common cause for pain, inflammation and lameness, particularly in the front legs. I would guess that this could be the issue, but that wouldn’t account for the difference in paw size. Of course that could simply be a birth defect (albeit it a minor one) and be unrelated to the actual limping.

Only a veterinarian is going to be able to make an accurate and informed diagnosis, so do get your little guy back to your vet asap for some more tests.

I wish you lots of luck and hope that he’s doing much better soon.

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Nov 27, 2011

vet is the best option NEW
by: Girish

a vet is the right one who can guide you on this issue.

still on a primary side. inspect his nails
is that broken ? or getting into his flesh

check for any object below paws

all the best and wish a fast recovery

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