5 of the Best Heavy-Duty Leashes for Big Dogs

If you have a dog you want to make sure you always have the things they need to keep them safe and happy. One thing they need is a leash that can be used for walks and more. But what leashes for big dogs should you have? 

Leashes for Big Dogs Buying Guide

There are a range of leashes out there. They may all look roughly the same, and you may think they all do a similar job, however, there are important differences, both in terms of build and the situation they’re used for. We’ll look at those now.  


There are plenty of different materials that your leash could be made out of and it’s important that you take a look at some of the different options before you decide what you’re going to get for your dog. For example, a leather leash is generally more durable and long-lasting, but it doesn’t have as much give as other types of leashes. Nylon or braided rope leashes will be similar in most ways.

If you’re looking for more flexibility you can also look at bungee leashes or those that are made with some plastics. These will give your dog a little more flexibility and might give a little more length when they stretch, but they generally don’t last as long.


You want a leash that has a good length for your dog and for the purposes that you’re going to use it for. Keep in mind that smaller dogs may not need as long of a leash as larger dogs. Or you may want to keep your dog closer to you and want a shorter leash that provides even more control during your outings or training.

Some leashes offer the best of both worlds, offering a handle at the end of the leash that allows more freedom and a second handle closer to the front for better control only when needed. These can be good for taking your dog to busy places or for walks around the neighborhood.


This may seem like something a little strange to consider but it’s definitely important to look at as well. You want a leash that will fit the type of behavior that your dog exhibits. If they are good at listening to you and tend to stay away from other people and dogs then a longer leash may be acceptable. Also, you may be able to go with a leash that is not as durable or made with nylon, for example.

For dogs that tend to be a little more aggressive or even excitable, or those who aren’t as inclined to listen you may want to get a heavy-duty leash that will allow you to have better control. This includes leashes with shorter leads as well as those that are stronger and provide you with more support when you do need to stop your dog.

Leashes for Big Dogs Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the top leashes for big dogs so you can see what’s available and just why these are your top options. 

1. Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash

[amazon box=”B00Y2X2HK2“]

At 8 feet long your dog is going to have plenty of distance to run and to have fun on your walks but you’ll still be able to keep them under control at the same time. Even better, this leash is heavily padded so you can feel comfortable holding it, and features a traffic handle to make it safer for your dog to cross streets and for training purposes.

Available in several colors, this leash has a heavy-duty clip to attach directly to your dog’s collar and has a sleek design that you’re going to love to use. It is made with high-quality nylon for durability and has close stitching to ensure it stays strong for a long time to come. It also comes with a one-year warranty in case of any problems, so you know you’re getting high quality.


·         Double handle for different situations

·         Soft and comfortable for holding on long walks

·         Offers an almost free-range experience for dogs


·         Handle is quite large

2. BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

[amazon box=”B078MYFT8D“]

Available in several different sizes from 2 feet up to 6 feet, and several colors to match your personal preference, this dog leash is made with heavy-duty nylon that is at least ½” thick. This ensures that it’s strong enough for even the toughest of dogs, and when you add in the clip hook to attach to their collar you’re definitely going to see how it can keep your dog safe.

Great for providing your dog with freedom while still letting you have control, this leash has padding on the handles that also make it more comfortable for you. It even comes with a money-back guarantee. That means if you decide it’s not going to work for you or your dog you can get your money back with no problems. That means there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least give it a try.


·         Several size and dimension options available

·         Padded handles for added comfort

·         Reflective accents to keep dog safer at night


·         Best for larger dogs

·         Not entirely chew proof

3. FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

[amazon box=”B07K44FK33“]

If you’re looking for a military-grade leash that’s also a little more eco-friendly, durable, and great looking then you’re going to find it right here. This leash is made with heavy-duty leather that’s a full 1” thick for added durability, even with larger and stronger dogs. You can also get it for different size dogs to make sure that it’s a good match for their needs and it comes in both black and brown leather to match your preference.

Made with genuine leather, this leash uses metal clips to hold it together and ensure it can resist up to 500 pounds of pull force. It’s long enough to allow your dog a bit of freedom while walking but still lets you keep them under control as needed. It also comes with a 60 day return period if you’re not happy and a full two-year warranty if anything goes wrong with the leash itself.


·         Genuine leather construction for durability

·         Metal clips with 500 pounds pull force resistance

· Two-year warranty


·         Handle is not the most comfortable to hold

4. Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash

[amazon box=”B00YQZGD42“]

For those who want to go walking, running, or hiking with their dog and need a hands-free option this is a great way to go about it. The leash offers an adjustable waistband at the end that fits up to a 42” waist and can be adjusted to be more comfortable for you. It also has two different handles that you can hold onto, at the end of the 4-foot leash and at the front for situations where you need more control over your dog.

The middle section is bungee style, which is great for letting your dog move around and have a little bit of freedom, especially if you’re running together. It comes in a range of different colors for your personal preference and fits great for medium to large dogs. You’ll also find that it has reflective threads for runs during low light and it comes with a lifetime guarantee that says it’s going to work for you and your dog, no matter what.


·         Hands-free design for runs

·         Lifetime guarantee in case of problems

·         Double handle design for better control


·         Will add weight to your run

·         Wait attachment does not spin around

5. Vivaglory Reflective Dog Lead

[amazon box=”B07JW8Q886“]

You want your dog to be safe and this dog lead is designed to make sure of just that. It’s actually a full 1” wide, which provides added durability, and offers two handles so you can allow your dog a little more freedom or pull them up short as needed. The padded handle is designed to be comfortable for you, while also giving you the control that you need and a sturdy place to hold.

Made with webbed nylon, this leash also features a 360-degree rotating swivel clasp that’s made with heavy-duty metal so your dog won’t get tangled or loose. Not to mention it offers a range of different options so you can get something that’s long enough for you and your dog to be comfortable on your next walk. It’s comfortable for your dog, easy for you, and still keeps them under control as needed.


·         Reflective for low light situations

·         Swivel clasp to protect against tangling

·         Double handle design for better control


·         Traffic loop is low

·         Not intended for chewers

Leashes for Big Dogs FAQs

There are a few things you might want to know if you’re looking for a leash for your dog so take a look at these questions to get the right choice. 

Should I get a standard leash or a harness?

Many people wonder whether a standard leash is really the best way to go for their dog. If your dog listens well you may be able to use a standard leash to keep them under control. This is true commonly for smaller dogs as well, which will generally be easier to control. On the other hand, if you have a larger dog you may need to look at a harness.

Now, not all large dogs or strong dogs will require a harness, but it’s something to consider. A harness gives you more control, especially if your dog starts pulling or tries to get away from you commonly when you’re trying to lead them or walk them. This may be even more important if they tend to be excitable around others.

Is a double handle leash worth it?

Double handle leashes can be great because they give you a little more control over your dog. If your dog pulls a lot or if they get excited by other dogs and people you can use the second handle to get a better grip and get a closer grip on them.

These so-called ‘traffic control’ leashes are great for when you need to get ahold of your dog quickly for their safety or for someone else’s. You want a leash you can feel comfortable controlling your dog with and that’s even more important if they are more active. Less rambunctious dogs or those that are smaller may not need a double handle but you may want it for larger dogs.

How do I choose the right leash?

The best thing to do is think about your dog in particular. If you have a large dog you want a leash that is durable and strong enough to hold them (with your help, of course). If they are rambunctious, aggressive, or easily excited you may also want to look at a heavy-duty leash or something that is made with more durable materials. A harness may also be a good idea or a double handle leash.

Smaller dogs or those that are less excitable or aggressive are generally good with a basic leash. You may not need a harness except during training and a double handle leash would be needed only if you want a little added security when walking them in busier areas where there could be danger. You can also opt for leashes that are made with standard plastics, nylon, or just about anything that you want if you’re looking at something for these dogs.

Find the Leashes for Big Dogs That’s Right for You

Are you ready to pick out a leash for your dog? If you are then great. If not, take a look at some of the information we have here to help you and choose a great leash for your dog’s next walk. 

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