5 Best Dog Muzzles for 2021

If you have a dog that’s either prone to biting, lashing out at other dogs or strangers, then a muzzle is something that you should consider. Not only will it prevent those situations, it will also make your life a lot less stressful when out with your dog.

Some owners of big dogs also choose to use muzzles to help strangers feel more comfortable around your dog. Personally, I’m not a fan of this approach as it reinforces the unfounded negative reputation of dogs like Rottweilers as aggressive, even though they aren’t by nature. 

In any case, if you are thinking about a muzzle, the good news is that we’re going to take a look at some of the features and top options for muzzles so you can make up your mind whether this is the right choice for your dog.

Muzzles Buying Guide

There are a few key considerations when looking for a muzzle. 


One of the first things you want to look at when you’re buying a muzzle is what it’s actually made of. You want something that will be as comfortable as possible while still getting the job done. So, you should consider what the materials are that make up the piece.

Some are made with leather, which can be durable but may not be as comfortable as other materials. Steel cages are very durable but again, not as comfortable. Other options are heavy duty rubber and plastics or fabric muzzles made with neoprene. These can be more comfortable but might not be as tough for stronger or larger dogs.


What you’re planning to do with the muzzle is going to dictate more of just what you want it to look like. Some muzzles are designed to go only around the muzzle or snout of the dog and then to attach around the back of their head. These can be good for stopping barking and biting but are not as durable overall and will also keep the dog from being able to eat, drink, or pant.

On the other hand, muzzles with cages will typically make it easier for your dog to eat, drink, and pant as needed, while still making it very difficult (or impossible) for them to bite. They will not stop your dog from barking however. So it’s up to you to decide on the specific style of muzzle that works best for your dog.


You want to be sure that your dog is not going to get the muzzle off just as quickly as you put it on. Different styles of muzzles and different dogs, in particular, may have an easier time getting some muzzles off than others. The attachment style around the head and around the muzzle will generally dictate how easy it is to get on and off.

Introducing the muzzle slowly

A muzzle will feel like an invasive piece of equipment for your dog, so it’s vital that you introduce the muzzle slowly and in short doses. Also, you want to create a positive association with the muzzle for your dog so make sure you use treats every time you use the muzzle including when it’s in place. When you begin, just place the muzzle on your dog’s head without using straps. Use treats to keep their focus away from trying to get it off. Once your dog is more comfortable, then you can slowly tighten the straps, again, using treats to create a positive association. Once the muzzle is on, give treats to your dog through the muzzle. Patience is key.  

Muzzles Reviews

We’ve taken a look at some of the top options when it comes to muzzles so you can make sure you have a good one for what your dog needs. 

1. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

[amazon box=”B0051H45GC“]

Available in different styles to fit different types of dogs, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is one that will keep your dog well protected and also keep others around you feeling safer. It’s available in two different colors to match your preference and it’s lightweight and soft so your dog will be as comfortable as possible while wearing it. Not only that but it’s inexpensive, which makes it an easier investment if you’re looking for a way to keep your dog from biting.

The ergonomic design ensures that it fits well and also allows your dog to eat and drink as needed without having to worry about biting. You can even adjust it as needed and your dog will enjoy the added padding throughout. Add in the fact that it’s made of plastic rubber to make it durable and you’re definitely ready to go. This muzzle is primarily designed for travel, vet visits and grooming, but can also be used as needed for other purposes to keep your dog and others safe.


·         Durable rubber construction

·         Easily eat and drink with no obstruction

·         Attaches to collar


·         Can be tricky to put on

2. Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs

[amazon box=”B07F39TH8Q“]

If you have a dog that you want to teach not to bite but you don’t want to use a standard muzzle this is a great way to go. This option is actually considered a more humane choice because it provides your dog with the protection you need against biting without restricting their other movements. Your dog needs to be able to drink, pant and breathe while wearing their muzzle and this one is going to make it possible for them to do all three in a safe way. What it won’t allow is biting or chewing or barking.

You’ll get a thick strap that fits around the muzzle of your dog and around the back of their head to control them if they become aggressive. But the straps are padded and coated to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible and fit well. You’ll also get options on the size that you want to get the right start for a good fit and several color options as well. You’ll find sliders that allow for a custom fit and you can attach it directly to your dogs collar so it won’t slip off.


·         Neoprene padding to avoid chafing

·         Allows drinking, panting and breathing with ease

·         Humane option for stopping biting and barking


·         Not small enough for smaller dogs

·         Wide straps might impair vision

3. BronzeDog Dog Muzzle

[amazon box=”B075ZSL4JL“]

If you’re looking for a more traditional muzzle then this is likely what you’ve thought of. It fits around the snout of your dog with soft padding to keep them more comfortable. It then features a steel cage over the front to provide maximum protection against biting. This steel cage is lightweight so it won’t get too tiring for your dog, and it provides them with plenty of ventilation and easy breathing, even for longer periods of time.

The shape of the cage even lets your dog lick their nose and the four different straps mean that you can get a comfortable fit around their muzzle and head. The muzzle is designed to keep your dog from being able to get it off, and it does a very good job at that. It’s also designed with a variety of different holes for the straps but may need a few more for some dogs.


·         Prevents biting

·         Steel cage for durable construction

·         Traditional muzzle design


·         Fit not ideal for very large or very small dogs

·         Quite an aggressive look

4. Mayerzon Dog Muzzle

[amazon box=”B07DVD29QZ“]

Available in different sizes to provide a better fit for your dog, this muzzle is intended to protect against aggressive dogs who bite, bark, and chew. What you’ll find is that it’s made with a non-toxic rubber that is not only durable and long-lasting but also more comfortable for your dog than other materials. It has a hollow design that allows for panting, drinking, and even eating treats with the muzzle on, which helps your dog feel better wearing it.

High-quality ventilation means that there’s no danger of overheating with proper supervision, and there’s a 12-month warranty included with your purchase. Not only that but you can try it out for 60 days with the money-back guarantee. You use the nylon strap to adjust the muzzle to fit around your dog’s neck and you can adjust the rubber basket as well for narrower or wider muzzles.


·         Several size options for better fit

·         Allows for panting and drinking easily

·         12 month warranty included


·         Can cause friction over dogs nose

·         Runs small for most dogs

5. CollarDirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle

[amazon box=”B07FJN1C2G“]

This muzzle comes in several different sizes to get an ideal fit for your dog. Even more, you actually get two muzzles included in the pack, so you always have one spare for your dog. It’s also designed for dogs that have longer snouts and can be adjusted to make them as comfortable as possible. Not only that, but it’s safe to use in many different occasions including at the vet or groomer.

Easy to clean and easy to put on, these muzzles are soft to go around the muzzle rather than covering your dog’s nose and mouth entirely. This can make them easier for your dog to accept. Also, it means that the muzzle itself is easier to put on quickly, before your dog gets too anxious. Great for dogs that bite as well as stopping barking, this muzzle can make it easier to take your dog out and about.


·         2 muzzles included for more frequent use

·         Soft and more comfortable than other muzzles

·         Easy to clean


·         Not easy to adjust during use

·         More easy to escape than other muzzles

Muzzles FAQs

When it comes to buying muzzles you want something that will work right for you and your dog. So, take a look at some of the commonly asked questions about just that. 

Is it humane to use a muzzle on my dog?

This question is a difficult one to answer and many people have different views. Overall, it’s a good idea to use a muzzle if your dog has a problem with biting. It can help to keep them safer by ensuring they don’t bite someone. And it helps the people around them as well.

This is good for training purposes and making sure that your dog learns that biting is not allowed. The important thing is to get a muzzle that still allows for eating, drinking, and panting so that they can be safe even while wearing it. And make sure that you’re watching them at all times.

How should I size the muzzle I use on my dog?

Each muzzle that you buy will have different recommendations for sizing. It’s important to look at the instructions that come with that particular muzzle to make sure you get a good fit and that your dog won’t be able to easily get it off when they don’t want to wear it (which will likely be always).

Typically you will need to measure around your dog’s snout as well as around their head to make sure you get something that will fit them both securely and comfortably. You want to make sure that you measure according to the instructions of each muzzle you buy so you get the right fit.

Some muzzles will be designed for dogs with long snouts, and others for breeds with shorter ones, like Bosers, so make sure you’re buying one suitable for your dog’s snout length.

Is there any situation where I shouldn’t use a muzzle?

Make sure you know your dog well if you’re going to put a muzzle on them. You want to be sure that they are comfortable wearing it and that it does not cause them to become overly agitated or aggressive. If your dog reacts poorly to wearing a muzzle you may not be able to use one at all or you may need to stick with very short uses.

The best thing is to use this type of muzzle for as short of a period of time as you can each time that you put it on them. Also, never leave your dog unsupervised as they could become trapped, injured, or agitated as a result of wearing the muzzle and you would not know if you were not watching closely.

Find the Muzzles That’s Right for You

Do you know the right muzzle for your dog? Hopefully, you have a pretty good idea now that you’ve looked at the options we have, but if not, take a look at the features we’ve mentioned and see what you can find. Each of the options we showed will help you get a great look and fit for your dog, so they can be safe and well protected, and so can everyone around them.

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