5 Month old Rottweiler Scared of Strangers!

by Sand

we have a pure bred Rottweiler male pup who is almost 5months old. We have him since he was 3.5 months old.

He has issues with strangers. when we take him out to socialize with people, he gets very wary of people and doesn’t allow them to touch him. He tries and gets away from them and if they still approach him he attempts a bite, though he has never bitten any one.

This for us is becoming a road block for us to socialize him. Even when we take him to a clinic, docs have to ask helpers to hold him while they do their job.

He isn’t scared of dogs that way, unless they are growling or something.

Is it age related, that will phase out OR is it character?

I have met her Mother and she is very approachable, the father is an ADRK dog, very high drive, a bit on the aggressive side!! He’s very very confident.

I’m worried about having a fully grown nervous Rottweiler!!

Plz advice.

Hi Sand
Rottweilers are just like any other dogs, they all have their own personalities and quirks. What you describe isn’t terribly unusual for a puppy of this age either, he’s still learning about the world around him and constant, positive socialization is very important.

The more new places, people and experiences he has the more confident he will become, but it’s important to take things slowly and at his pace. Don’t force him into situations that make him nervous, or demand that he allows strangers to touch/pet him if it makes him anxious. Instead let him observe new people and places from a distance, and always try to make any interactions pleasant ones ie have strangers feed him a favorite treat, but not stress him out by trying to pet him at first.

You are on the right track in terms of socialization, and as he is from confident, well bred parents, he will most likely improve as he matures and grows becoming more self-confident himself.

I’d also recommend making sure that you take him to formal obedience classes where you can get help from a trained professional trainer and your pup can be socialized in a controlled environment. It will help you both gain confidence and build a rapport.

Rottweilers are slow to mature and your pup is still very young, he will go through many phases and stages before he becomes an adult. The best way to make sure that he grows up to be calm, confident and friendly is to maintain loving discipline, regular socialization and training and a predictable routine.

Hope this helps, best of luck.

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