5 month old rottweiler coat changing color?

I had got what i thought was a rottweiler when she was 7 weeks. she has all the colors of a rot but now at 5 months she is starting to get a gray color around her neck and down her legs what could she be or what could she have in her?

I’m afraid there’s absolutely no way to tell what type of breeds she could be mixed with. If she didn’t have purebred, registered parents then it’s definitely possible that she’s not full-blooded Rottweiler.

There are many breeds that carry the black-and-tan color pattern of the Rottweiler and even when a Rottie is bred with another type of dog the black-and-tan can come through clearly.

I have mentioned here before that Rottweilers have an undercoat which can be rust or gray in color and this often shows through around the neck area, behind the ears and on the back legs. Perhaps this is what you’re seeing?

Sorry I can’t help more, but whatever bloodlines your dog carries I’m sure she will make a wonderful companion and loves you unconditionally. Best of luck with her.

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