4 month rottweiler diarrhea

by william brackenridge
(searcy. arkansas)

i have a male rottweiler i bought for a companion for my female which has been fixed. he was covered in fleas when i got him so took him to vet and got med, shots, etc whole nine. put him on blue buffalo ,that’s what my female was on.

i have had him for two months and he has really soft stools, not watery just like pudding like. i switched food to diamond naturals large breed pup and have had the same results. i haven’t seen him vomit and he plays and acts fine he is close to 50lbs now my female is 75lbs and taller and seems to want to play rough all the time. im wondering if maybe i need to separate them in case she is stressing him out causing the diarrhea .

she has hard stools even through the food change. do you think it’s stress or something related to the fleas when i first got him. he doesn’t have fleas now and i just started a heart worm prevention. he has had all shots . he does every once in a while have a semi hard but for the most part is pudding like. he does like to chew on the grass once in a while. sorry i have no pictures at this time

Hi William
The first thing I’d do is get your vet to run a fecal test to look for parasites in his stools. It’s possible that he has Coccidia (see this article for more information.. Coccidiosis In Dogs) which can be brought about by stress or illness. There are also other parasites that could cause the same problem and it’s best to rule those out right away – or treat them if that turns out to be the problem.

If the stool sample is negative for parasites, then the next possibility would be a food intolerance and it could be to an ingredient that is in both the foods you have given him. I’d recommend getting him onto a hypoallergenic dog food which has entirely different ingredients to anything previously given. Also check any treats he’s been getting or any ‘edible’ toys/bones and stick to all-natural, hypoallergenic treats too.

It can take around 2 months or more to see if a change in diet like this is actually working because you need to wait for all the allergens to completely clear his system.

If neither of these measures result in an improvement then I’d say you have to discuss it in more detail with your veterinarian and make sure there are no issues with his digestive system in general, but hopefully one of these will help.

It’s possible that he’s stressed by your older female, and you could try separating them but I’m not sure that this could be the problem unless he is very afraid of her or extremely anxious.

He seems happy and active and is eating and drinking well and has had all the preventative health care he needs, so hopefully he is basically fit and healthy which is good. It will just be a case of ‘trial-and-error’ to find out what is causing the loose stools but at least not an emergency.

I hope this helps somewhat and wish you the very best of luck with both your Rotties.

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